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We moved to a new building a month ago...

Pros and cons.

  • On mondays, the cafeteria has the 'pasta appela' feature that I used to love before it was removed from the old cafeteria. They don't serve the dishes I liked, but I can reproduce one of them by adding barbecue sauce from the condiment bar to a normal chicken alfredo dish.

  • The cafeteria is farther away -- too far to reasonably bring food back to my office.
  • The pizza in the cafeteria appears not to be cooked on site; it's always shriveled and re-heated
  • The building is about twice as far from my apartment as the old building -- too far to walk, FAR worse traffic! A half hour 4 mile drive instead of a 10 minute 2 mile drive.
  • My office is COLD and since it has the thermostat for SEVEN OTHER OFFICES (what... the... fuck?) I can't run a space heater.
  • The only usable conference rooms are on the third floor, so add 'climb two flights of stairs' to everything else I hate about each meeting I'm forced to go to.
  • The mailroom next door has a fax machine on speakerphone that sometimes makes modem noises or a busy signal for hours on end.

So, uh, yeah. Not loving this new building.
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