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So, I've been playing some of this lately. I probably won't be playing it for a super-long time, but it's still a bit shiny with the new zones and completely new combat system and all (since I last played, which was pre burning-crusade, except for a brief trial run in the middle like a year ago).

I'm on Echo Isles and Teranis. Teranis is where Trask has his horde characters, but for some reason all my characters there are alliance because PLANNING! Except for the goblin. All my characters on Echo Isles are horde except for the ones that aren't.

Paladin: Cennily the space goat. Mostly protection spec, because it seems better than ret spec in every way except for pursuit of justice giving a 15% movement rate bonus. In particular, prot does more damage and takes less damage, especially against multiple enemies at the same time. Against a single (non-elite) target it's harder to quantify which is faster because single targets go down in seconds.

Cennily is the one I've done a couple random PUGs with, playing the role of incompetent tank because queueing as tank/dps always gets you made the tank. And sometimes the dungeon guide. I'm not sure what the etiquette on need/greed/pass is; I haven't seen anyone else pass or roll need, ever. I passed on things I literally couldn't use, but maybe I was supposed to greed them and sell them? I've never actually won a greed roll yet. Does disenchant have priority over greed?

Impression: Paladins are almighty tank mages that can do anything better than any other class.

Rogue: Saelyre the night elf, created to do the darkshore quests that Cennily had already outleveled thanks to Bloodmyst Isle. Rogues are kind of weak; maybe it's because I haven't found a poison vendor? Ever? I'm pretty sure I was supposed to be using poison starting from level 10, when I got the 'can use poison' ability, but as far as I can tell poison no longer exists in the game.

Okay, okay, she's still not THAT weak but she kills things slower than the paladin even if she gets an ambush in, and getting an ambush is hard -- the enemies tend to see you and interrupt you in the middle of it. Bug?

Impression: Rogues are gimp, possibly because of game bugs or missing features.

Warrior: ... trying to remember her name. Wow, she's weak. I thought the rogue was weak, but WOW. With most characters (even the rogue) I was thinking 'god, they made this game SO EASY'. With the warrior, it's 'oh crap, I just got a second person attacking me, guess it's time for another corpse run'.

Impression: Warriors suck ass. No redeeming qualities.

Shaman: The new goblin I made is a shaman. Squidgey, because Squidge was taken (?!). The goblin quests were fun! The shaman class was pretty sucky until level 10, but at level 10 it actually got good instead of staying sucky like warriors. All the pre-battle set up is kind of a pain, if I bother with it, but the goblin turrets (um, I mean, totems) are still amusing. And she kills things ridiculously quickly even without them. Wasn't shaman a primary healing class, though? She's got less healing than the paladin.

Impression: Yes, this is a melee DPS class, at least with enchancement spec.

Everyone who actually knows how to play the game can laugh at me now. n.n
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