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Curse you Sonic!

I love my DS. It's my favorite portable gaming system (out of two, the other one being a PSP), but the damn shoulder buttons are broken AGAIN and I'm not buying yet another DS to get working shoulder buttons for a week before they break again. Most games don't even use them, or let you tap on the screen in the corners instead or whatever. But I've been burned a couple times so I've been looking at reviews to see if they mention the controls... and the review for Sonic Colors said it had 'simple controls, just the D-pad and A and B buttons'.

...and the R button to do a slide, which is required to get past certain obstacles including one in the tutorial. Thanks a lot. JERKS.

Anyone (local) want a copy of Sonic Colors for the DS? 9.9

Golden Sun: Dark Dawn *says* that its shoulder button use can be replaced by the touchscreen. If it turns out not to be then RAGE. >:)

On WOW, I started a blood elf mage on The Scryers to play with Jurann, maybe, sometime, if I'm somehow still playing WoW when I get to max level. OTOH, the random dungeon finder *is* a very very good way of getting into PUGs. As long as you like PUGs. I've only had one total failure of a group, and it failed fairly quickly, so I've been happy with it. Of course, I still like the space goat paladin better than the mage, even though it *does* kill things more slowly.

Well, more slowly than fire spec mage. I was frost spec up until 31 (when I unlocked dual spec) and frost mage is... frostrating. Everything's based around freezing things and breaking the freeze except that you also get a pet who breaks the freeze *for* you and you can never ever break your own freezes in a dungeon because hey other players! It's like trying to get containment with sleep spells in a group in CoH, except that everything is melee and clustered in a big dogpile on the tank.

I haven't tried doing a dungeon in fire spec, though. I'm worried it will end in HORRIBLE DEATH based on the number of times I managed to pull things off the so-called-tank by just spamming frost bolt, and was saved by all the frosty ice tricks (and by having everything chilled by default). Maybe I'll actually want to keep some of the frost spells on my bar? n.n It looks like scorch makes fire ball obsolete, so that's someplace I could squeeze in frost bolt to keep things chilly.
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