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Not... Dead...

...mostly, eaten by WoW? I can blame that for not having the next chapter of Familiar ready yet, although I have been trying to work on it and getting blocked by it being a *difficult* chapter to write. Which doesn't mean 'full of nasty things' or 'emotionally scarring' because I love that sort of crap, it means more... I have a specific place I need it to go and forcing the characters to get there without flying off on a wild tangent is very hard. And no, none of the tangents actually go anywhere interesting or I might just follow them instead.

And there haven't been any RPG summaries because EVERY RPG IS CANCELLED THANK YOU SANTA.

So, uh, yeah. WoW. Lini's up to 64 and running around in the outlands. At first, I was boggled by the lack of robes for clothies in Outlands, but now the whole 'purple and green clown suit' motif is kind of growing on me. I'd show you a screenshot but I can't take screenshots in WoW for some reason? Oh! The armory!


...wow that's an amazingly awful pose. WTF? You can't even see the glowing purple crystal staff. n.n And the guild tabard actually makes the outfit look a lot nicer, although it isn't as necessary with this particular outfit as it was when she was running around in a bikini bottom. I miss the fedora though. It was cute.

Can't help but notice 'character audit: 9 unenchanted items!' Except... all my items are soulbound, so how do I get them enchanted without being an enchanter? I'm guessing there's a solution for that. Is there a solution for all the for-hire enchanters wanting you to supply the materials? The materials you only get by being an enchanter and disenchanting stuff? Ugh. x.x I figure I'll worry about it if I ever start doing raids, which is really not that likely given that the guild has all of 4 active players.

So, uh, yeah. Not dead. n.n
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