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So... I bought this game, Thunderstone, which is sort of like Dominion only about D+D type warriors going into a dungeon to kill monsters. Monsters are the victory points, basically. But only a few are available to defeat at a time, and some of them give moderately good effects when they're in your hand, etc.

Anyway, to test it out I started playing a game against myself. Not having any clue what I was doing. Deck A started out going for the expensive fighter types who were strong enough to weild the flaming swords, which were also light sources. Deck B used cheaper clerics and thieves, who could weild moderately strong short swords and spears.

It was clear pretty quickly that deck B was kickin deck A's ass. Especially when we got to the point where the fighter-focused deck drilled down to the most EXPENSIVE fighters and before they could level their fighters up into the fighter lords, the cleric/thief deck (which had more money generally) *bought* them. Oops.

That's not the ARGH. The ARGH is that near the end of the game I knocked the box off the couch, spilling all the cards I wasn't using into a scattered heap on the floor between the couch and the coffee table. And under the couch. And under the coffee table. And it took about a half hour just to sort them into general categories... so I decided to go the distance and spend another 15 minutes sorting them the rest of the way so that I might ever be able to play the game again. x.x

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