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Party Crasher

Friday night we played a little Champions, and I totally forgot to write about it! Most of the session was spent trying to get the video conferencing software to work -- Lazar wants to join the group again, remotely, from California -- but we did get a little playing in afterwards. We didn't have time left for the combat when it was time for the combat though.

After filling out tons of paperwork about all the explosions at the airport -- the most destructive of which were *not* caused by them, really! -- the AMP officers showed up for the party where they were supposed to play nice for the normal, non-superpowered cops.

Saria had a friend or relative or something there -- another kid, like Raimi and Shumira (appeared to be). They started pussyfooting around the question of whether he was in on the conspiracy or not.

Chit: "Do you beleive in ghosts? How about zombies? Slime monsters?"
Kid-whose-name-I-can't-remember: "I beleive in talking squirrels."

It turned out that he did know more or less what was going on, or at least that Saria thought it was okay to let him in on the secret, because he had powers himself and was thinking of joining AMP. Or maybe she was planning on shanghaiing him into AMP. Something like that.

Then, the cops arrived. Coffee and donuts all around! They tried to make smalltalk, but weren't very successful at mingling, and it was pretty awkward until Shumira and Chit noticed a pair of shining eyes looking in through the window. It was Elizabeth (the pyro ghost kid)! Chit tried to bring her a cup of coffee -- a very SMALL cup of coffee -- as a peace offering, but she vanished before he could get to her. He left it outside anyway, and almost ran into a familiar set of spiky armor. Mommy was there!

She didn't want to fight them THAT time either, and before they could attack her with the full force of the useless cops behind them, she vanished, leaving them with a bunch of flying evil tentacle fish as a parting gift.

Finally, the party was getting interesting!

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