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Sunday we played some D+D. Still 'a little' in my opinion but more than last time. An actual combat even!

Spurred on by a last minute message from Sylvanis ("Who's Savannah?" "SYL-VAN-IS. The tree god you've been working for.") the party stopped taking advantage of the library's excellent useless-magic-item to magic-pixie-dust ratio (all the magic items filling up their bags ended up getting them about a million gold pieces worth of dust each, and Varnix could enchant that into items of level 24 or less, which was a moderate upgrade for most of them and a very good upgrade for a few) and got a move on through the portal, which was supposed to lead to Sigil.

Only instead, it led to the sky over Sigil. Well, next to Sigil. Next to but over. Inside? Sigil was a ring-city around a spire, and the portal was in midair about halfway between the spire and the city. Between all of them they had enough flight to get down safely, despite some heavy gusting winds, but the winds did force them to land immediately instead of scouting out the city from the air, and some of their flying used up daily powers so they couldn't take off again.

They were in what looked like a deserted slum. There were a few people around, but everyone was avoiding them, so they decided to head to a more populated area to find out where the Mortuary was (that's where Savannah -- er, Sylvanis had told them Celeste was being held, or possibly living). The first alley they passed through was covered in gang signs, and before Beware could finish recommending they turn around go another way, someone had shoved a wagon to block the street behind them, and a man wearing a red hammer insignia was standing in front of them demanding a toll.

Ariel: "What kind of a toll are we talking about?"
Bandit: "Why, we take all your stuff, of course."
Arial: "Ah, an *unreasonable* toll."
Beware: "Good, I've been bored the last few days with nothing to kill."

Beware did not get to kill anything this time either, though. They were obviously in a kill zone, so they tried to push forwards a ways down the street before the enemy could bring their forces to bear. Unfortunately, the enemy was full of ANNOYING. The leader kept using a minor action shout to mark everyone and then run away, a blacksmith dude had a 'rune of bitterness' on his hammer that gave MASSIVE penalties, they had some 'peacers' who did nothing but run around casting 'rune of peace' every round (which kept the target from attacking until they made their save), and their snipers in the windows used earth magic to restrain and then stun Beware. Other people got restrained, but only Beware got hit by the full combo, and he didn't make his save for the rest of the fight.

They also had hordes and hordes of mooks who lasted a *little* longer than normal because of all the debuffs, but once they were all gone, and the blacksmith and one sniper were down, the rest of the debuffers decided to flee while they still could. Because when the party *did* manage to get a shot off, it hurt a LOT more than all their little annoying attacks.

Azm an Heyyou weren't about to let them get away, though, and ran down one of the stragglers and took him prisoner. He told them where to find the Motuary (it was right down the street, as it turned out) and filled them in on a few more details -- like the city being in chaos because the Lady of Pain was missing. Yeah... not good.

The mortuary... had no entrance. Except for dead bodies. They considered using that entrance, but they weren't actually sure that the Dustmen who ran it were their enemies, so they decided to ask permission to go inside. There was a bar where a few Dustmen hung out across from the mortuary, so they went there and... were peered at curiously by a ragtag band of adventurers from a table in the corner. They had a mephit, a flesh golem, a rakshasa -- basically, they made the party look *normal*. But they were obviously adventurers.

After a comically useless attempt to get any information out of the Dustmen (except, by implication, that only Dustmen were allowed inside and they'd have to sign away their souls and bodies for all eternity to join, and swear off ever experiencing any joy or happiness forever) the mephit approached them, and... didn't speak common.

Varnix spoke Primordial, though, and was able to translate. The other adventurers recognized them from the description their 'mother' had given them, and suspected that they were there to rescue mommy. If so, they could get them in to see her... they just had to come by the corpse entrance by 11 and they'd have everythin arranged.

The wiser members of the party thought that they sounded trustworthy, and it seemed like at worst it would lead to being ambushed by a horde of Dustmen, which wouldn't be significantly worse than fighting their way in through a horde of Dustmen, so why not? But the others were playing straight, and led them secretly through the (disgusting) halls of the mortuary to where Celeste was... batshit insane.

She didn't even *want* to leave. Why would she want to leave her idyllic paradise with a lovely view of the Elyssian fields? (which to everyone else looked like a stack of corpses -- you couldn't swing a dead cat inside the mortuary without hitting a stack of corpses!)

Well, the party wasn't there to *kidnap* her, but they had been warned that she needed rescue from something. That something turned out to be... THE END OF THE WORLD.

Specifically, an army of shadow-creatures looking to topple the spire that Sigil was... kind of floating near. That looked like they might be succeeding.

Varnix: "Okay, I say we bug out and leave this problem to someone else. If they can take out SIGIL -- the Lady of Pain keeps this place safe from *gods*."
Ariel: "We are *epic* heroes..."
Beware: "And the Lady of Pain is *missing*."

As proof of this, neither he nor Varnix was mazed for speaking her name. Oops. n.n

Varnix: "Right. Okay. Maybe we just need to find her. That might be possible."

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