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Divinity II

Someone or something recommended this game, specifically the new version which had the expansion 'solved some of the problems of the early game' which isn't exactly a *resounding* endorsement, but...

Anyway, it's an action RPG where you level up your skills and stats and use them to shoot people or kill them with swords or magic or whatever. It's also... really... EVIL.

The plot doesn't sound like it's supposed to be evil. You're a dragon slayer dedicated to hunting down evil dragons that betrayed 'the divine' and killed him. Everyone sees you as a hero everywhere you go, you're being initiated into a knightly order along the lines of a paladin or something.

Except that... the signature power of the dragon slayers is mind reading? o.O Which you use to steal peoples' stuff. That's not the evil part.

Anyway, there's only one dragon left and you're part of the hunt for her! Only when you finally find her she's dying (you were told to stay behind because she was so dangerous) and she gives you her powers and her quest, which is to hunt down Damian, the leader of the Black Ring. The Black Ring is REALLY EVIL and Damian is the person who actually killed the Divine -- the whole dragon-slaying thing is based on not a LIE exactly but a misinterpretation. So this part isn't really evil yet either.

Okay, when you meet up with your friends and they can instantly sense what happened to you and their reaction to your explanation is 'Oh, that's so horrible! We'll have a WONDERFUL funeral for you after we kill you', it's getting there. I mean, obviously you didn't personally kill off the Divine because you weren't even BORN yet and it's not like you went out and joined the evil organization -- no, they just want to kill all dragons because dragon == bad.

So you kill them instead. STILL NOT THE EVIL PART. Although the gloating tone of the last dragon's voice in your head after you do that is KIND OF A HINT.

Did I mention the necromancer, who wants you to bring him body parts so that you can build a zombie to shamble around in your wake? Not the evil part. Or the order of paladins who you have to kill or bribe so that they won't steal all the food from the town you're protecting to feed some other town -- not the evil part.

Let's talk about Sentinel Island. It's guarded by a dryad-looking thing who kidnaps a bunch of people and makes you choose which you want as your personal slaves. You need a necromancer slave, so she kidnapped two necromancers. You need an enchanter slave, so she kidnapped two enchanters, etc. Then she makes you pick. The one you don't pick... dies. Bolt of lightning. In some cases, in front of their weeping soon-to-be-a-widow.

A LOT of them beg for their lives. Let's put it that way. x.x

Then, of course, everyone who wasn't involved (there are a lot of them) as well as all the people back in Broken Valley that were calling you a hero and stuff and you were doing quests for die because ascending to full dragon knight status pissed off the bad guy. Yay!
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