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Fish! Also, lights out.

Friday night we played some Champions. Lazar was there remotely, and could almost make out the map when we pointed the camera at it...

The fish were attacking from the street, so everyone ran outside to fight them. The cops tried firing their guns, which didn't work very well, mostly because they couldn't hit. Luckily, they didn't hit the AMP officers either. Kagome and Shumira went into melee with the fish, and took out most of them... Chit had had his bombs stowed in the pile of coats and stuff and was able to blow up a few -- trying to drop them on the fish while clicking to the wall of the alleyway above them, since he didn't want to get close without his armor -- but mostly missed and just did property damage.

The fish weren't a huge threat this time either, although Shumira and Kagome did get bitten a few times. The paperwork for the battle was a lot more annoying than the actual fight.

Oh, and Kris (the new kid) could control plants, and did join the AMP. A few days later, they got their first case with him on the team -- when the city's power supply suddenly went out for no apparent reason.

"It's a visionairre," said their boss, who was also a 'visionairre', aka computer hacker. "Only a few places still have power -- the hospital, a train station, a bread factory, the space needle..."

"Let's go to the bread factory!" Chit exclaimed.

"You'll need to go to them all and plug in this thumb drive so I can search for evidence."

Chit nodded. "Okay, let's go to the bread factory first then. Bread is good."

Instead, they decided to tackle the targets in rough geographical order, starting with the space needle. Nothing was there except for a trap inside the computer, after they hooked their boss in. Then the power went out there, too. The train station was next, and there... they found a train. Coming into the station, under power. Chit sabotaged its brakes so that it wouldn't suddenly take off, and then they searched it, but didn't find anything before the power went out.

It was not going well. But the bread factory was next!

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