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Champions Online, Free to Suck

I had an old account, so I decided to give it a shot. After downloading the client, I got to the character select screen, where I couldn't make any new characters and couldn't play any of my old characters because they were all 'gold'.

So, okay, there's a convert-to-silver button? Let's convert one of the characters I hated into something. I picked 'the grimoire'. Maybe that was a mistake. So I've got this level 11 character with a badly selected set of powers (STRONG anti-synergy; the ranged attack holds people at range, and everything else needs them to be close) who is... not at all fun to play.

It doesn't help that despite using a much, much faster computer, the thing can't keep a decent framerate. Changing the graphics options didn't seem to help (or hurt, when I turned the resolution up to make it less eye-searingly blurry at least)... so much stuttery video lag! And a framerate of like, 12.

...I have a headache. I played the game for less than a half hour and it gave me a headache.

Oh! Oh! The best part! So, I have this silver character I hate, and I go to delete him to use the slot for one of the other archetypes, but NO! It just deletes the slot and all my unplayable gold characters far exceed the 2-character limit for silver accounts! Ha! Joke's on you!

So, obviously, I have to start over with a new account if I want to use their F2P version, but I really don't think I want to. I never liked the game much in the first place, and the graphics problems are crippling. My head. Ooog, need aspirin. x.x
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