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Terror Park!

Friday night we played some Champions, continuing to trigger additional power blackouts for some reason or other.

The bread factory was kind of a bust. While the AMP officers did manage to steal some nice warm bread to curl up and sleep inside, Parhelion was just as unable to figure out who was behind the blackout from the factory's terminals as anywhere else. As they left the now-dark factory, Chit suggested that they change their tactics at the next stop, an amusement park.

Chit: "This isn't working. Maybe if we made sure that lots of people were riding the amusement park, the hacker wouldn't be willing to turn off the power and we'd have enough time to figure out who was behind it?"
Ramia: "That sounds criminally negligent."
Chit: "I thought we knew that he wasn't going to endanger peoples' lives? That's why he left the hospital running?"
Somebody: "That's why we *think* he left the hospital running but we're not sure."
Chit: "...or we could just go to the hospital... then we don't have to actively endanger anyone."
Ramia: "Are you trying to kill people?"
Chit: "I'm just saying, this isn't working! Maybe... we can search for the hacker at one of the places with power, instead of just going to the terminal over and over again? Oh! Or since we only know which places have power over the net, can we verify that independantly with a sattelite or something and see if there's someone with power who the net is hiding? Or... can we buy a generator to turn on one of the deactivated consoles, or maybe jury-rig one using a car?"
Parhelion: "I'll try to get access to a sattelite... but all the cars are dead too, they work on broadcast power."
Chit: "I was thinking more taking out the engine and reconfiguring it as a crank generator."
Ramia: "And who's going to turn the crank?"
Chit: "One of you, probably. I'd have to use a hamster wheel."

They decided (by the simple process of Ramia and Shumira cycling off with Chit riding on their shoulder instead of stopping so he could do anything) to go to the amusement park first, but to take extra precautions this time. Chit suggested they split up and search for anyone using a computer in a suspicious manner, since the park was very very crowded and would be the perfect place for a hacker to hide.

Ramia: "You go do that."

So he did. Everyone else ignored him and headed to the park's main office to ask that the rides be evacuated in case the power went out.

So of course THIS was when the party was finally attacked.

Chit was attacked by Buzz Lightyear, and took a blaster bolt to the face before he knew what was happening. He jumped on top of the nearest building to get away from the crowds, and managed to dodge several grenades before finally getting a solid hit with a grenade of his own and blowing off Buzz' head. Apparently, he was on top of the Monsters Inc. building, because a giant fuzzy blue robot crawled out of one of the holes they'd blasted in the roof! Chit decided to hide inside the destroyed Buzz Lightyear and examine the weapon modifications. They didn't have any identifying marks on them, but he described them to Parhelia so that she could look them up when she was done hacking the sattelite and whatever else they'd already asked her to do for them.

While he was doing that, the monster grabbed Buzz and started to drag him off... to the robot factory for repairs? So Chit took the time to rig Buzz to blow up. Just in case he needed that.

Meanwhile, across the park in Fantasy Land, the rest of the party was attacked by a much more powerful robot, the Black Knight, who had an energy lance and bolts of dark energy. At first they had trouble scratching it, and mostly tried to grab it and hold it so that Kagome (who had the most powerful attacks) could get a solid hit. And she did! It was heavily damaged! So after retaliating with a massive energy blast that knocked Kagome out, it teleported up onto the ramparts of a castle (with Chris still holding on) to start running away... and Ramia and Shumira they teleported after it to follow!

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...and that's how far we got.
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