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Wow Shenanigans

I've been levelling up a blood-elf paladin as a tank. Recent Stupid Party Tricks:

(1) Large, obnoxious dungeon with lots of bosses (Blackrock Depths). We kill the first boss, and I ask if people want to stay and do the others for the other quests. Everyone says yes. So we go kill the second boss... and everyone leaves. Next random dungeon is BRD AGAIN. So we kill the first boss AGAIN and then everyone leaves.

That was sort of understandable -- BRD is OMG HUGE and it's not like we could have possibly done ALL of it without spending like six hours.

(2) Large, obnoxious dungeon with lots of bosses (Zul'Farran or something). I accidentally go the right way at a crossroads, and we get to the end boss before killing off all the minor bosses. Everyone leaves. I say 'fuck it' and decide to try to solo the rest of the dungeon, expecting to fail.

...yeah, protection paladins are overpowered. It was kind of slow (especially the 45 minutes I spent clearing out the 200 or so shallow graves so that the necromancer boss would have no one to summon for help) but unless I got boss + adds (which I did, twice) I wasn't ever in any danger of losing. AND ALL THE TRASH LOOT WAS MINE MUA HA HA. As well as the 2.5 gold for the quest.

(3) Not-quite-so-large dungeon, but full of caster mobs (stratholme service entrance). This makes it difficult to tank, although the 'throw shield' power silences its targets for a while which makes them run close, and once you start them meleeing they often stay in melee range. EXCEPT that SOMEONE (I don't know who or I would have kicked them) kept using this AoE knockback power that tossed the enemies A LONG WAY. Like, into other groups of enemies a long way. Way, way out of my aggro radius a long way. This made the affected groups almost impossible to tank well (I'M CHARGIN' MY EXORCISM), but the healer kept everyone alive anyway somehow.

Oh, and on the protadin=OP note, one of the bosses periodically possesses a random party member and you have to 'kill' them to force her out so that you can damage her more. She possessed a DPS at one point, and we killed him no problem. She possessed my paladin... and it was nearly a wipe. Despite possession AI using random powers. x.x
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