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Prophecy Shmophecy

We played some D+D today, continuing our ragged path of destruction through the city of Sigil.

At first, it was hard for the party to convince Celeste to leave her room in the Mortuary -- even the earthquake only made her fret about her 'filing system', carefully sorted severed limbs being tossed all around the room. What eventually decided it was when one of her dustmen friends came in, ranting about how the Prophecy had come to pass, and all of the multiverse would at last suffer the true death. "You can leave now."

Unfortunately, they didn't make it out the front gate before it was blasted down by a huge necrotic-wreathed giant, backed up by a swarm of black-flame skeletons, flaming skulls, evil wizards, and a wraith.

Heyyou: "I don't see how this is our fight."
Beware: "They're blocking the door. I suppose you could try to walk past and see if that provoked them."
Heyyou: "Maybe there's another exit we could use?"
Beware: "Well, they're probably chasing Celeste, anyway. They look like her mother's minions, what with all the shadow and evil and death."
Giant (pointing at Celeste): "You are NO LONGER NECESSARY! The multiverse will be destroyed!"

Then they attacked. Heyyou and Azm engaged the giant as it rushed forwards, Arial played with the wraith, and Varnix ran up to the doorway and cast forth a pure glow, heavily damaging many of the enemies. Then, at Celeste's request ("Can anyone put up a wall?"), Beware put up a wall of darkness blocking line of sight through the door, since most of the minor enemies seemed to like hanging back at range. Celeste reinforced this barrier with visions of avarice and evard's black tentacles, presumably killing many of the enemies behind the barrier with the classic combo from their old adventuring days (although she used to need Beware for the tentacles). Not that they could see anything.

The flaming skulls did toss some fireballs through the barrier in retaliation, but it was nothing that Varnix couldn't heal, and the wraith and giant inside were pummeled thoroughly, until the wraith fled (right into the tentacles it couldn't see) and the giant decided to teleport away. Beware moved aside the wall of inky blackness, and... all the enemies were gone, apparently fled with the giant. Huh.

Everyone: "So... now what?"
Heyyou: "Let's just leave."
Beware: "Leave the multiverse? Is that even possible?"

They were joined by the other adventurers, who recommended going to the observatory if they wanted to see what was going on in more detail, the... um... mymoir? library if they wanted a history lesson, or if they wanted to leave sigil... probably still the observatory. Oh, and the 'godmen' were recruiting to fight the shadow beasts trying to topple the spire.

Beware: "Joining the fight sounds reasonable."
Others: "They'd conscript you if you got near them, though -- it might be better to avoid them."
Heyyou: "Screw that then. If I'm going to join an army, I'd at least want to be paid."
Ariel: "Where the heck are the gods, anyway? Why are they letting this happen?"
Beware: "Maybe we could go find some and ask them?"
Celeste: "NO! NO NO NO! NO GODS!"

They decided to hit the library first to hear the prophecy. On the way, they met some beholder traders willing to dump some stock cheap, and traded a few items [TBD offline], and Ariel and Celeste noticed that Sigil was... cracking. Not just the ground -- the air itself was cracking, with little hairline (airline?) fractures! The prophecy, as far as they could get from the skulls in the library without paying much, was that, yes, the multiverse was going to be destroyed, and only Celeste prevent it -- if the spire went, so did everything else, and she was the only one who could fix the cracks. Not that she had any idea how to do that. Or how to get to the bottom of the spire for that matter.

Heyyou: "Do we have any reason to believe the prophecy?"
Beware: "Cracks in the air?"
Heyyou: "I'm sure there are plenty of other explanations."

At any rate, the observatory was the obvious next stop. With some native guides, they avoided any further trouble with street thugs, and eventually came to the courtyard where the observatory's defenses were spread out in their ludicrously annoying array -- movement was restricted, magic was reversed, and only natives (like Celeste) were able to fight, really. Well, natives or fighters. Also, AHH GIANT!

Luckily, the enemies had set their teleport to ambush the party without paying attention to where the ambush was happening, and were even more screwed up by the defenses than the party. Celeste tentacled a bunch of them, Varnix and Azm and Heyyou beat on people with their swords somewhat ineffectively, and Ariel (using various powers that still worked to zip across the battlefield, while everyone else was stuck moving one or two squares at a time) screamed at everyone that they were idiots for even fighting, when they should just run for the damn tower. But did toss a few acid orbs to heal them.

Varnix wanted to heal the enemies to death, but his healing words were optional, even after he convinced himself that the enemies were 'allies' and therefore valid targets. They chose not to kill themselves. How rude! But then he remembered one of his little used dailies healed people whether or not they wanted to, and healed most of the enemies to death with Mass Cure Serious Wounds. The giant, one wizard, and two of the flaming skulls screamed and died, and the few enemies who (barely) survived either ran away or were finished off in a few seconds. After which the rest of the party slowly, slowly, made their way across the impossibly annoying courtyard to join Ariel in the tower.

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