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Friday night we played some Champions. While we didn't cause a disaster at the amusement park, we also didn't find any leads.

Chit was dragged to the repair bay, which was not a factory churning out evil robots. He warned the mechanics that the destroyed buzz lightyear robot he was in was armed with real weapons, and also rigged to blow (although he didn't tell them that he was the one who'd rigged them). They claimed to be ignorant of any actual weapons, didn't believe him about the robot having weapons, and told him that he shouldn't be doing diagnostics on the other robots -- the squirrel robots were supposed to stay in the Snow White ride.

"Look! Let me show you!" he said, avoiding their grasp and jumping onto Buzz's arm. Unfortunately, he couldn't remember which button fired the energy blast, so he started hitting random buttons and as it turned out he wasn't the only one who'd rigged the robot to blow. Fortunately, the self-destruct device had a timer and everyone was able to run for safety before it went up. Unfortunately, it took the entire repair bay with it, destroying any evidence that might have been there concerning who'd installed the weapons.

Mechanic: "Okay, enough fun for today. I'm taking you back to your exhibit."
Chit: "Whatever."

Meanwhile, across the park, the rest of the AMP officers continued to chase after the black knight. Chris failed to rip off its arms, failed to seize up its joints, and then while making 'one last attempt' to damage it with a spell that had already failed a couple times, got a lucky hit and managed to blow it to pieces.

They picked Chit up from the Snow White display and headed for the main office.

There, they copied the robot maintenance logs (although it would take a while to parse them for any clues about the armaments) and got the park authorities to shut down the big rides which would be dangerous if the power went out. Then they went to see about getting a generator set up -- and found that the park's computers already *had* an emergency generator. So after inspecting it for any sabotage, they fired it up and set Parhelion looking for the signs of the hacker that she'd tried to find at the other sites.

The good news was, the power didn't go off -- they didn't even need to use the generator. The bad news was, there was no trace of anything suspicious. As far as she could tell the hacker had never been in the park's systems. Someone had reprogrammed the robots to attack the AMP, but that was code planted in each affected robot and not any sort of ongoing control.

Ai (their boss apparently): "I think this is all just a diversion."
Chit, etc.: "From what?"

No one had any clue.

Chit: "I think we should ride up the space elevator and look for clues in orbit."
Shumira: "I like this plan."
Ramia: "You just want to go into space."
Ai: "We don't have the budget for that."

last session | next session, different campaign because this one is apparently on hiatus

We stopped there because it was almost midnight and the GM was stumped. Apparently we hadn't gone where he'd expected us to and didn't have the clues we'd need to actually progress. I'm not sure how that was possible since it seemed to me like he was leading us around by the nose, but... huh. I guess we'll see.
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