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The world is ending, time for a scavenger hunt!

Sunday we played some D+D. As the city of Sigil crumbled around us, we played a game of pictionary, then had a scavenger hunt!

...Sigil is like that.

Inside the tower, there wasn't much. A crumbling staircase leading to the observation deck, and a desk with a strange green creature who seemed to know a lot but only talked in pictures. Fortunately, Celeste understood some of the pictures, or the party would have been even more confused.

On the other hand, what they found out wasn't very appealing. To save the multiverse, they needed to bring back the Lady of Pain, which involved recombining Celeste with her 'mother'. Apparently, the Celeste they knew from their old adventuring days had been half of the Lady of Pain all along, split off from the rest during the chaos between 3rd and 4th editions, and her mother, leader of the forces of the Shadowfell, was the other half.

Beware: "Is Celeste the good half?"
Green thing: "[ ]"

Celeste wanted no part of this plan, unsurprisingly.

Beware: "Does Celeste have to be conscious while we combine them?"
Green thing: "[x]"

Instead of knocking her out and dragging her off to a horrible fate, Ariel managed to trick her into going along with it by promising that they'd re-separate her after the multiverse was safe. Even though it was pretty obvious to everyone who wasn't being bluffed that doing that wouldn't solve anything. Also, once the Last of Pain was back, how the heck would they do *anything* to her?

At any rate, the next question was 'how'? Eventually, they gathered that they'd need three items -- a pinch of ash from an ash mother, the silver sword of a Githyanki, and Beware's soul.

Celeste: "Ha! I bet you're not so hot for this plan now that you have to sacrifice too."
Beware: "I don't even *have* my soul. It was sold before I was born. We'd have to get it back from Yogrmath first."

As it turned out, Yogrmath was currently in the city of Sigil. When the green thing displayed the symbol of Azuth in response to them asking 'where', Celeste realized that it meant her necromancer friend who was a follower of Azuth. And Vecna. On a good day, he was safe to talk to.

Ariel: "So all we need to do is find an Ash Mother and a Githyanki to kill for the other components."
Celeste: "We just need a pinch of ash, Ash Mothers shed it constantly."
Beware: "And we can probably hire a githyanki to wield the sword for us. We probably just need it to cut something."

So, first, the Ash Mother. Ash Mothers tended to hang out in dirty, filthy places, so they headed back to the Mortuary, and sure enough were able to track down a flock of Ash Children with a Mother in short order. Unfortunately, that section of Sigil exploded, leaving the flock floating on a tumbling rock in the middle of a huge gap. Ariel and Heyyou flew to the rock with a rope for the children to hang onto, then flew them to safety. Beware jumped to the rock to try the same thing, only to have one of the children cling to his leg and another hide inside his lungs, choking him -- this didn't stop him from saving those two at least, by jumping to the far side.

Meanwhile, Celeste was casting a phantom steed ritual to summon some flying horses to save them all safely. Before she was finished, and after the children were already safe, some burning flaming skulls appeared and started shooting at her -- but Azm (mostly) managed to punch them until they exploded, before they could do more than fireball the party a few times.

The flock ran away after being rescued, but Heyyou and Beware had plenty of ash. With the flying steeds, they were able to quickly make it to the Burning Man bar, which no longer had any burning men, but did have a githyanki with a silver sword, who agreed to work for them in return for a pass to the mimir library.

Gith: "When do you need me? I have some things to do first."
Beware: "Well, the multiverse is ending. It'd be nice if you could show up before that happened."

Eventually they got an arcane connection so that they could do a sending ritual when they needed her.

That just left the necromancer and Yogrmath. The necromancer recognized Celeste and let them come into his tower of bone, and said that he could summon the devil, but they wouldn't be able to *harm* the devil, so they'd need to bargain with him to get the soul back. Beware did not like the idea of bargaining with devils, but the necromancer insisted that he had something the devil wanted and that would provide the bulk of the trade, and they could trade with him instead. What he wanted in return for... whatever he was offering Yogrmath was Celeste's collection of body parts in the Mortuary, which was apparently an impressive collection if you were into that sort of thing, and not just a symptom of her insanity.

"Oh, and he'll also drain some of your life force."

Heyyou wasn't happy with that, and wanted to stay upstairs and not be part of the ritual. Beware was inclined to let him, but Arial was furious, and only calmed down when Celeste took her aside and whispered that being anywhere in the necromancer's tower would make him part of the ritual, so having him stay upstairs was harmless.

They didn't expect the necromancer to *turn into* Yogrmath as part of the ritual. This left them a bit confused about how to bargain, sice they didn't know if the necromancer and Yogrmath were the same thing, or if not, what the necromancer was offering the devil. Still, they couldn't stand around discussing it.

Yogrmath: "Tell me what it is you desire from me, foolish mortals!"
Beware: "Ariel, you make the bargain. We all know what we want."
Ariel: "It's yours, Beware, maybe you should do this."

...so Ariel did the talking, and managed to get a jar with Beware's soul in it in return for 16 healing surges (total) and whatever the heck the necromancer had given him already. Which apparently included freedom from the summoning circle, although the devil didn't attack immediatly.

When they got upstairs, they found that Heyyou had not taken well to having part of his life energy sucked out when he SPECIFICALLY said that he wanted no part of that, and had started smashing up the room. He tried to kill the necromancer as soon as he saw him, which didn't hurt the necromancer at all, but almost smashed the jar. Everyone yelled at him to calm down before he destroyed the universe, and he went back to smashing the necromancer's stuff instead.

The necromancer seemed strangely unfazed by all this; Celeste later informed them it was because what he'd given Yogrmath was freedom from some sort of confinement, but instead had confined him inside the tower, which meant that everything in the tower was bascially lost to him anyway as soon as the devil figured that out. But he'd have Celeste's lab, which was better. That was the deal.

The necromancer also gave Celeste the opportunity to betray the rest of the party as they left, but she declined -- she'd still need them to protect her.

Seeing the vessel that Beware's soul was in, Celeste realized that what they actually needed was the jar, not the soul per se. They'd use the jar to trap her mother's soul. So she let Beware take his soul back into his body, which he did eagerly.

...only to find that it had been heavily corrupted during its time in Yogrmath's possession, and when he accepted it he was transformed into a half-fiend. The good news was that this meant that he still had his infernal powers. The bad news: he was probably still going to hell after he died. Since he was, you know, a devil.

At any rate, that was a problem for another time; there was a multiverse to save!

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