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Okay, okay, I'm overstating the hassle of travel a bit. I *do* have to stop and fight a lot, but usually the fights are short unless I try to sneak around the enemies, which generally gets me jumped by 3 to 6.

...or unless an invasion is happening. Like this morning where I just wanted to turn in my daily crafting quest (for some reason, you turn them in on the far side of the zone) and had to fight off 3 invasions and close two rifts to get there, in addition to fighting random enemies jumping me twice. That took about twenty minutes.

DPS meter says:
(1) Marksman was doing 120-140 dps, with spikes of 160 occasionally. This was 0/22/7 sin/mm/rng.
(1b) Switching to 8/12/9 sin/mm/rng reduced setup time dramatically, and had no effect on DPS. Also, it gives me a shot that slows enemies' runspeed, so maybe I can use the wolf? The plan is to keep pumping ranger to keep the pet relevant until at least 24 points, maybe 31.
(1c) If I got stuck in melee as either archer build, dps dropped to about 100. Also, I tended to take a lot of damage and have to drink afterwards.
(2) Bard (7/22/0 nb/brd/rng) does 100-120 DPS with spikes of 130. Not counting motif setup time, which is 4 seconds before roughly every other fight. If I had to heal heavily (like during many rifts) dps was more like 60 because the healing finisher does no damage.
(3) Level 13 warrior (2/9/6 bm/din/rb, or something silly like that) does about 60 dps.

Warriors are weird. They have a longer global cooldown than rogues, but about half their attacks ignore the global cooldown. In particular, the riftblade finisher ignores the global cooldown, meaning they can do a full build up and finish cycle in 4.5 seconds, compared to a rogue taking (typically) 4-6 (depending on how many 2-combo-point attacks they use).
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