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Still RIFTing

The game makes me SO ANGRY sometimes. But then, so does almost every game... I think it might do it more often because the rifts are a whole additional layer of 'ha ha screw you!'. When I came back to my quest hub (that I'd had to clear away a rift invasion from to get hte quests) to turn in some quests and found it invaded, and then while I was clearing away the invasion, another invasion came up behind me and killed me, that made me mad enough to scream incoherently in the zone chat. Which utterly failed to bring anyone else to my aid -- I had to give up and come back another day.

...and then clear away like a dozen invasions before I could turn the quests in, although I had help which made it possible. I turned them in in the middle of the fight, of course, because there was a zone invasion going on so the waves of enemies never stopped. Eventually the hub was overrun again but I didn't care because I was able to move on to the next one! HA HA! Try again, earth mobs! Noooo don't invade the next hub too, I was being sarcastic! q.q

I've been playing a mage lately, with some builds that are not quite flavor of the month but somewhat akin to them. Okay, Pyro/lock DPS is FOTM. But I just got SO SICK of trying to make the elemental pets work! Of course,in the first dungeon I went into after respeccing, I saw someone else playing the Ele/Pyro build I'd been using before. Hee!

Chloro/Archon is a nifty healer, but the FOTM is chloro/lock. Chloro/lock eventually puts out (4%) more raw healing, but Archon is the buff soul for mages and its buffs are strong and numerous.

The other build is Necro/Chloro, which I didn't come up with myself but the FOTM there is Necro/Lock. The forums are OBSESSED with warlock for some reason. Anyway, Necro/Chloro is a build for soloing elites. It's not very good for fighting ordinary enemies, but when the game decides to throw elites at you for no reason in the middle of your solo quest chain... 9.9

And, um, yes, you get three souls, but the third soul doesn't really matter much. 0-point archon is a good choice (on the P/L), or dominator (on the N/C). The C/A has zero point warlock or something which is totally useless. I guess I'm planning to eventually put some points into it? Maybe? Maybe not?
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