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Adventures with Regexp

So... I'm trying to check in a massive code merge, and one of the reviewers comes back saying that I should do the normal 'replace throw() with NOTHROW' pass before checking in. This is really annoying to do by hand, so I get TextWrangler which does multi-file find and replace with regexps. I think 'okay, throw() is a pretty uncommon pattern' so I just tell it to find


and replace with


Only, I'm stupid. First, I forget to click 'case sensitive'. Second, I don't notice that () are special characters and don't get matched. So every instance of the word 'throw' in the project gets replaced by upper-case NOTHROW. Including, say, all the NOTHROWs we already had, which are now NONOTHROW.

Third, I spend the next hour or two searching through the code trying to clean up the HUMONGOUS mess I just created. x.x
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