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Let's have a war! I mean, a party!

Friday night we played some pathfinder.

There was some excitement during the night -- the dwarven ramparts were strafed by someone using acid, who ran off before they could counterattack. The dwarves blamed elven alchemy, but the party thought it might be baby dragons -- green dragons were known to live in forests like the elves', and the damage was consistent with baby dragons' attacks.

But there was nothing really to *do* about it. In the morning, the dwarves asked the party to guard their miners while they opened a 'relief well' to the lich's lair, which would encourage him to rampage through the forests instead of their mines, or alternatively to guard them while they collapsed the tunnel more thoroughly to re-trap the lich in his cave. They declined.

They also asked the party to escort a caravan (sure to be attacked by elves) to get supplies, or to carry a message to ironforge, the ancestral home of the dwarves, to hire some mercenaries. The party remembered that Ironforge was, like, sacked by kobolds a few hundred years ago, though, and they were desperate to go shopping -- so they declined, instead heading to Silver Sails to shop.

On the way, they were approached by the elven bandits, who gave them an offer they couldn't refuse without fighting -- 'Come talk with our leaders.' So, they decided to go chat.

The elves brought them to an animated gazebo for tea and crumpets, and long, boring talks about how horrible the dwarves were and how it wasn't their fault that they had to kill them. They did seem to have heard about the lich before, and were worried -- so the party asked them to help the dwarves deal with it.

The elves weren't very interested, until Ironhoof managed to hint that it would be a way to get inside the dwarven defenses -- let the dwarves take the front lines, and then finish them off afterwards. The elves didn't think the dwarves would buy it, but sent them back to make the offer, with a feather token to send word back if somehow they succeeded.

So, back to the dwarves, who were willing to let the elves in, on the condition that they had a week or so to prepare traps and gather reinforcements to make sure that they were the ones who'd be on the winning side in any confrontation. The party was happy about that, because they'd have time to get to Silver Sails and shop before the big day, if they hurried.

So, they hurried. On the way they had some trouble with cinder wolves, but a pack of wolves is no match for a druid's entangle spell.

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