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Cold as Ice

Friday night we played some Pathfinder. The party helped clean up a mess they'd previously ignored.

After finishing their shopping trip in Silver Sails, the party headed back to help the dwarves and elves work together to fight the forces of lichdom or possibly caterpillars. The first scheduled rest stop was of course back in Crossroads, but the inn there was surrounded by a wall of ice.

"Oh! You've come to help us!" proclaimed the townsfolk. They'd apparently sent word to the adventurers' tower nearby, but only the maintenance staff was on duty and they'd said they'd pass the word. But they'd only just sent word the day before, so of course there hadn't been time for a real response.

Alex peeked stealthily out of an upper floor window next door, and saw that inside the wall, the inn was covered in frost but otherwise unharmed, but it was absolutely swarming with mephits. Most of which were nervously watching the circling dragonne. They first tried an elemental assault -- sending in some magma elementals to attack from the basement to see if it would lure some of the mephits inside. A snake-man in plate armor -- some kind of ice-naga -- came out and yelled at the mephits to come inside, and they all did. But most of them returned quickly; a few less than before, but not many.

So they recruited the townsfolk to break a hole in the wall of ice as a distraction, while they mostly attacked from the nearby building.

Lilia led off with a summoned dretch, which immediately cast a stinking cloud, taking one of the mephits out of the fight for a while and confusing a couple others. The rest fired off their magic missiles at Lilia (if they saw her) or the dragonne (if they didn't), and then the dragonne swooped and pounced, and Alex started shooting arrows, and mephits started dying. Eventually the dretch joined in, mostly as a distraction -- the mephits couldn't really hurt it but it was a tempting target -- and Ironhoof cast a flame blade, turned into a velociraptor, and jumped over the wall of ice, slicing up mephits with a sword of fire. Soon, the few remaining mephits were on the run, and the party controlled the outside of the inn.

They decided to use the distraction plan again -- after sneaking in the back door (and silencing instantly the mephit on guard in the kitchen) a new dretch was sent to open the front door while they attacked from the kitchen, which was behind the barrier that two ice-nagas had set up to watch the front door. This plan went reasonably well -- the dretch's stinking cloud forced the ice-nagas to fight the dragonne and various summoned creatures, that they mostly couldn't hit and the party mostly didn't care too much if they got hit. The nagas were very hard to hit themselves, but the party was blessed and hasted and had flanking, and it didn't take long to get enough lucky hits in to take them both out.

During the fight, Ironhoof spotted another naga in the back hallway, and shut the door to delay it -- but it never came out. Instead, that naga - a mage - teleported into the kitchen behind the party and nearly killed Lilia with a scorching ray. Unfortunately for him, Lilia lived, and Alex blocked the fireplace that he was goign to use as a window to cast ice storms and stuff at the party (which at that point was still waiting for him to come out the back hall and finishing off mephits). With Lilia's warning, Ironhoof-the-velociraptor quickly ran around the building to block the back door, while the dragonne came in the kitchen door to get the mage in a pincer. He'd only had one dimension door, and was trapped, his mirror image worn away, and killed before he could get many spells off since he had to cast defensively.

The party confiscated the nagas' plate armor (which was valuable, although only naga-shaped creatures would be able to wear it) and the wizard's staff, which *looked* like a magic staff but didn't detect as magic. It at least had two giant diamonds on the ends that Alex estimated were worth a small fortune each.

In the basement, they found a portal to the plane of ice. Lilia figured out how to shut it, and knew Auran, so was able to read the ritual book explaining how the skunk-painted elf they'd fought a week ago had opened it. She thought she could probably open one with 24 hours casting and 1000gp of reagents. If for some reason they wanted another elemental invasion.

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