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Um... May was over to visit last weekend. We mostly played race for the galaxy. o.o; During rare RftG breaks, we found time to go see a park and meet up with some of her friends in the area (quarrel and somebody) and visit the public markets in Fremont and... somewhere. That was closing up as we got there. But it didn't close fast enough to stop May from buying an EVIL BOMB that could have BLOWN UP HER PLANE I mean a jar of honey. I had to help her sneak it through security by keeping watch for guards and kissing her, which as everyone knows is the universal way to alleviate all suspicion.

Oh, and we walked over to see the locks, which was kind of cool, although I think we bored her friends with too much city of heroes talk when we walked past the warehouses. I swear that street was right out of galaxy city!

Anyway, I used her visit as an excuse to take off work for the week and play portal 2. I mean, read mspaintadventures which is... so... random? Well, 'Problem Sleuth' is random. Homestuck has more of a plot (eventually) but it's not finished yet! Noo! Another webcomic to follow! The horror!

It reminds me a lot of Unicorn Jelly, actually, although it's far, far sillier.

I also did a bunch of BAFs and Lambdas with Spider Vix, who finally got to 50, and got her rare alpha and interface incarnate enhancements.

Then on Saturday, at the gaming group, I decided to buy a new game because I was feeling like playing a new game, so I pointed out three options and asked the other people there to vote. I ended up buying Nightfall, which is another 'build your own deck' game like Thunderstone and Dominion. We played one game and everyone thought it was pretty cool; I played a couple others against myself and still am not sure I really understand the strategy.

Basically, it's PvP. Sort of like a multiplayer game of magic, except that blocking creatures don't deal damage and attacking creatures die after they attack, so you have to keep constantly summoning more minions. But since it does deckbuilding like dominion or thunderstone, you'll be constantly drawing more minions and that isn't *too* much of a problem.

You win by having fewer wounds than anyone else, so there's no point in beating up on somebody who's already behind... and the wounds are fairly useful to have in your deck (unlike curses) so there's no death spiral. OTOH if you have TOO many they do start to be a drag, but if nothing else they'll let you buy things to make your deck better. Presumably.

You also get to play cards out of your hands on other peoples' turns, if you want, and the chain smiles on you, although this has advantages and disadvantages. Minions you play out of turn will attack as soon as it gets to your turn, instead of waiting around blocking for a turn, but you draw cards at the *end* of your turn so if you play too much out of turn you might end up with nothing to summon to block and be a wide open target. Oops.

The big 'okay this is cool' feature that I didn't see anyone else mention is that all the crappy starter cards are self-trashing, so your deck sort of auto-chapels them away as you use them. So, the main use of cards that 'exile' other cards is to get rid of wounds.

Anyway, it'll supposedly have expansions eventually; the box it came in was big enough to fit like six expansions as big as the original game. o.o; But it seems like a good purchase.
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