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The Vanishing (part 2)

So... I'm using my other computer here at work, and suddenly the mouse and keyboard stop working. This has happened before, right? Probably just a problem with the cords coming unplugged again, because the way the table is set up they have to stretch ungodly far or get tangled up in my feet (and I went with B because A was physically longer than the cords).

So I go to plug them back in -- which involves climbing under the desk because the computer can't be physically moved, since the monitor and power cords hold it taut in place -- and there's no place to do that. Not a single port shaped even remotely like the plugs that were just plugged in and working ten seconds ago.

They just vanished.

What the fuck is going on here?

EDIT: And the answer is... "spring-loaded case feature." No, I don't know what it was supposed to do. What it actually did was fling the mini-card with the mouse and keyboard ports deep into the computer's guts.
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