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the anxiety dream to end all anxiety dreams

So, I was driving home from a long trip late at night, a day after I was supposed to get back, in the rain, when the road started getting really narrow and slippery so I slowed way down but then the huge line of cars behind me started getting impatient and honking and I tried to pull over but there wasn't really any room for them to pass since there was a cliff on either side of the road. I tried to speed up but I couldn't get any speed and then suddenly instead of being in a car I was climbing up a rope of cell phones attached to each other by their power-cord ports somehow, and now everyone was passing me because they knew the right route to take that as far as I could tell involved magically walking up a sheer cliff, while the cell-phone rope was -- AHH IT SNAPPED! But I'm in a tree and I can climb up the tree but while I'm trying to do that someone keeps pestering me in my ear (floating next to the tree) and it's hard to get to the handholds with my deck of magic cards in one hand and the rope that other people are still climbing behind me in the other, and I drop the magic cards and they go flying everywhere and my own phone goes falling with them and the witch floating next to me offers to cast a magic spell that will let me find everything in the depths of the forest but I *really* don't want to go all the way back down because it was SO much trouble just getting this far and I'm almost to the top and then of course I fall out of the tree and wake up.
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