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Out of the Smoke

Friday we played a little pathfinder group A. They managed to avoid getting robbed by the black marketeers, but also got kicked out of the black market entirely. Then, there were snakes.

It turned out that the adventurers did not trust the black marketeers at their word, but their plan to avoid being ripped off involved watching them like a hawk, all day long. This made the illegal merchants nervous. Eventually, they tried to send a runner off with the package to get it thoroughly identified, but the party spotted it and Ironhoof immediately sicced his dragonne onto the courier, then changed into a raptor and chased after him as well. They knocked the man to the ground twice, yanked the package out of his hands, and eventually sent him plummeting off a ledge, 40 feet to a lower level of the sewers.

The cartel guards standing around didn't like this, and neither did the smoke-snake merchants who were selling books and candles. "Surrender or die!" was the ultimatum they gave to Ironhoof while attacking him with pole arms.

Ironhoof: "Okay, fine, I surrender."
Guards: "Surrender the package we just watched you stealing from that man, too."
Ironhoof: "No. It's ours."
Guards: "Hand it over and we'll go talk about that with the people you robbed."

So he did, and that basically ended the mexican standoff the rest of the party was having with the rest of the guards and merchants. There was a long argument about who was the aggressor and who should get the package (and the snakes tried to argue that they should be allowed to eat everyone involved on general principles, but were mostly ignored), but in the end the party managed to keep the package and get off scott free. "But don't come back, you cause too much trouble."

So they spent the rest of the day dealing with legitimate merchants, and splitting up the treasure that they planned to keep, and were just about to leave the city when the clouds of smoke that covered Rally thickened around them, and a hissing voice told them to hand over the seed. "We have planssssss for it." They refused, and six smoke-naga monks emerged from the clouds to try to punch them to death. Lilia went down quickly, which vanished her Eidolon as well, but Alex had the Staff of Stealth from the elven vault and used it to turn herself invisible and repeatedly sneak attack with her bow from point-blank range. Artican (The canary) used a symbol of slowness that hit about half the enemies, and Ironhoof in dire bear form and his dragonne were basically invulnerable to their attacks due to ridiculously high armor class ratings.

Then someone dropped a stinking cloud on the whole melee. This took Artican out of the fight for a few rounds, and Alex had to drag Lilia out of it and they ended up on the opposite side of the cloud from Ironhoof and the dragonne -- with all the enemies focusing on the druid, including a displaced 'smoke bird' that exuded a cloud of choking smoke that dotted them both. After one round of completely ineffective attacks against the bird, Ironhoof managed to dispel the displacement, but his dragonne couldn't get through its DR at all and the creature's five attacks per round were slowly hurting the druid despite all his defenses.

Fortunately, Artican managed to stop choking and heal Lilia back to consciousness, and then he and Lilia focused on healing Ironhoof, allowing him to continue to tank the enemies while Alex circled around to get a clear shot with her bow. Close to death, the smoke bird fled, and the three remaining heavily-wounded smoke naga (two of which were slowed) were no match for the party.

Clearly, they'd overstayed their welcome in Rally.

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