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Kill All Kobolds

Friday night we played some Pathfinder, as the party continued to make their way through the kobold caves, doing their best to walk in circles, spring every trap, and clear out every last kobold. Maybe that wasn't intentional?

After clearing the balcony, the party tried to decide how to proceed. There was a staircase leading down, with a locked door at the bottom and some kobolds behind it probably, or they could jump off the balcony and maybe be attacked by the noncombatant kobolds using the theater as their nest. So after weighing the options, they decided to tunnel through the walls to find Blip's waypoint.

GM: "After four rounds, you finish tunneling through the secret door that you didn't even bother to search for."

Blip gave them the next waypoint, which was 'west' (they'd headed east and then south from the entrance to get to him) and down about 30 feet. There was a tunnel leading west, so they decided to head that way to see if there was a third way down that was closer to where they were heading. On the way, they sprung part of a trap, and a massive block came down blocking the hallway.

No one was hurt because they were heading the wrong way for people to get hurt by the trap, but it was in their way -- so Lilia created an extradimensional pit underneath it, hoping that it would fall into the pit and let them pass. The reset mechanism kept that from working, but Ironhoof managed to chop through enough of the struts with the admantium shortsword to be able to yank the block free, one round before the pit was going to vanish. Everyone leapt or flew across, except for Ironhoof who missed the jump and plummeted into the pit. He did get far enough to be on the right side of the now un-resettable block once the pit vanished and lifted it and him back up to floor level, though.

The passage turned north after the trap, heading back to the initial cave where they'd fought the zombies, with a side passage that looked like it probably led to the theater and a mysterious door. So they checked the door and found a room with hidden arrow slits and concealed pit traps. Alex quietly stepped inside to disable the traps, but the kobolds waiting in ambush behind the arrow slits were having none of that, and opened fire.

Everyone ran out of the room except for Ironhoof and the eidolon. The eidolon blocked the other door in the room, while Ironhoof started to feed fireballs from the balcony kobolds' necklaces through the arrow slits -- this splashed onto some of the party, but they were much better equipped to take it and had easier saves since it had to splash through arrow slits. Eventually the archers had enough (they could barely hit the party anyway) and ran away into another room. An alchemist took their place and threw a bomb or two, but that also didn't accomplish much and after getting magic missiled, he backed off as well.

Meanwhile, the eidolon was successfully taking on another six kobolds in melee, all on its own. Lilia had it buffed to the gills and they couldn't touch it, and it was tearing through them like tissue paper. Ironhoof used shape stone to make a new 'door' into the room where the archers had been firing from, and he and his dragonne pursued the alchemist and the last surviving archer and got all the kobolds in a big pincer maneuver, where they were ground down and destroyed.

There was some treasure on the kobolds themselves, but all they were guarding were some young kobold kids and eggs. Artican didn't want to destroy them out of hand, so they gathered them up and took them to the nearby orc fort to be raised as slaves or ransomed back to the kobolds or made into an omelet or whatever orcs did with kobold eggs, and then they headed back into the dungeon to actually go down to the second level this time. They decided to take the 'back' entrance to the theater and drop down onto the stage, since it was closest.

Perhaps that was unwise.

The stage itself was empty, and had three doors leading off further backstage, but it also had a whoooole bunch of arrow-slits and a floor that sank 15 feet down to create a Pit of Death when a kobold in the next room pulled a lever. Plus, some of the archers were rogues with sneak attack and therefore a serious possibility of hurting the party. But Alex had immediately headed over to one of the doors to try to check it for traps before the floor dropped out, and managed to cling to the wall while she finished opening it, and Artican also had a stone shape spell and used it to open a new doorway with the stone reshaped into a ladder climbing up to it.

Doing that got him stabbed by one of the sneak-attacking rogues, though. Oops. Ironhoof saved him, and then most of the party dodged through the continuing hail of arrows and followed Alex into the south room, which only had two kobolds as well as the controls for the pit and a couple other traps they didn't immediately mess with. Lilia sent her eidolon through the hole Artican had opened to distract the rest of the kobolds, and she did -- still mostly unhittable -- for long enough for the party to secure the trap room and join her in the hallway. There they trapped about half the kobolds between them, but the rest decided they no longer had the advantage and ran off.

Artican and the dragonne chased after them for a while, but eventually were called back since they'd found the stairs down to the third level right next to the trap room, which was also where Blip's waypoint was except that it was underneath the floor (but not a whole level down).

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