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I've been playing this lately, and, you know, dreaming about it. @.@ It's annoying to dream about video games because when I wake up I can't actually play them until after work, and sometimes not even then because I'll get distracted or co-opted or whatever.

Anyway, I've heard people call it 'minecraftvania' but I prefer to think of it as 'Miner, Dig Deep. No, not that deep! What made you think you were ready to dig that deep? Now look what happened -- BEES!'

God, the bees. XD

Lately I've been having 'fun' trying to mine meteorite... the first shadow orb didn't summon a meteor. The second one did, but the meteor landed right in the middle of the corruption, at the top of a giant spire surrounded by chasms (I also suspect this cost me at least half the meteorite I otherwise would have gotten). So... the meteorite is embedded in ebonstone. No problem, I can just -- wow, they weren't kidding when they said it 'constantly' spawned meteor-heads. I'll just throw this dynamite -- whoops!

Okay, respawn, let's try that again. Switch to the dynamite and OH CRAP I'M FALLING GET THE GRAPPLIN- *smoosh*

The third attempt, I tried laying down some stonework for support so I wouldn't fall so often, but things were still hectic with all the meteor-heads (even though by this point I had a swanky new sword courtesy of all the bees) and I accidentally blew up everything I'd built (and myself again) with the dynamite.

The FOURTH attempt, one of the dynamite I chucked at the meteorite deposit actually got me some meteorite! Two pieces of ore! AAaaand I accidentally blew up a third shadow orb with one of the several missed tosses and summoned the eater of worlds, who ate me. Then followed me home and ate me again. It took about four deaths, but I finally finished him off. Sheesh.

So, uh, yeah. It can be goofy fun. q:3
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