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Friday night we played some Shadake. The party made it through the kobold area and got near the sahaugin.

After killing or driving up the latest kobold ambush, the party decided to head down the stairs immediately, only to turn back and hide in a side room as Alex, scouting ahead, discovered a giant stone kobold (that means, human-sized) carrying a sack over its head. Unfortunately, they chose the side room that, unbeknownst to them, was part of the shortest route towards where all the kobolds were fleeing, and the kobold directing the golem was attempting to flee.

The golem took some time to smash through the door, though, so the party had time to scurry down a hallway and into an empty room that looked like it had once been used as part of a guard post, but no longer had anyone in it. The hallway beyond was trapped, though, and Alex wasn't fast enough to disarm all the traps before the golem caught up.

Ironhoof opened up with a stone-to-mud, which slowed the golem considerably, and set his pet to engage it in melee, blocking its advance. Alex kept disarming traps for a while, but eventually gave it up as a waste of time and started sneak-attacking the golem instead. Ironhoof attacked the bag the golem was holding, spilling out its contents -- shiny gadgets? Lilia and Artican tried to attack the alchemist directing the golem, but he ran off, screaming for the golem to follow as quickly as it could.

...but it was slowed, so that wasn't very quick. It got considerably less quick after Alex cast 'Grease' in the hallway, although as a side effect Ironhoof and his pet got showered with poisonous sharp things -- although Ironhoof was immune to poison, so they didn't actually suffer much from that. When the alchemist noticed that his precious bag of stuff was gone and his golem was not getting away or killing his enemies, he pulled a lever to unleash a swarm of ghouls in the hallway, and made a run for it.

The ghouls didn't really accomplish much except to buy time, but they did buy enough time for the alchemist to get away. They also delayed his own golem for long enough for it to bleed to death from Alex's previous sneak attack, and eventually the party was once again victorious. They sorted the shinies -- which were components for traps of the sort the kobolds had installed all through the dungeon, worth tens of thousands of gold pieces -- and took the ones they could fit in Alex's haversack (since Ironhoof's bag of holding was full of magic armor), and headed back down the staircase.

Then went back up, since it went down too far to be Blip's next waypoint, and located the blink dog in a hidden pit trap. The next waypoint *was* on the level below, so they went down again and found a deserted trap-like area where they would have had to fight the golem with kobolds shooting at them through arrow-slits if they hadn't fought those enemies elsewhere, an open vault door guarding a workshop, and behind a secret door in the workshop, a pool of clear water with a grate at the bottom large enough for someone to swim through.

They didn't want to swim, but Blip explained that the sahaugin lived underwater and while the next waypoint was on dry land, it was as far as he could go since he didn't swim.

They were pretty wiped out from all the kobolds, though, so they locked themselves inside the vault/workshop -- closing the large vault door and the secret door both -- and rested for a dozen hours or so. Nothing was able to get to them in that time, but while the workshop did have ventilation, the air was slightly bad and they all woke up feeling awful, although Lilia was the only one who didn't manage to shake it off, and she rarely did anything herself anyway.

Both Artican and Ironhoof memorized water breathing spells, and they used Artican's first (since he tended to die more, also his was shorter duration) and swam through the still water to the waypoint where Blip had spotted sahaugin. Blip and Lilia needed to be carried, but Alex and the dragonne were strong enough swimmers to drag someone along with them.

As they reached the air bubble and dragged themselves out of the water to hear if Blip had any more advice on finding sahaugin, a swarm of fish-men attacked! But... they were zombie fish-men, and Artican was able to turn them all to dust without even trying really.

Blip: "Ooooooh, ZOMBIE sahaugin. That's why they attacked! The living ones must be farther in."
Alex: "And they're friendly?"
Blip: "Well, not *friendly* but they take sacrifices sometimes. You know, when we have a prisoner that we really want eaten by a giant shark."

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We stopped there because it was too late to start another fight (which is likely to happen soon) and I was feeling like crap. I'm better *now* though.
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