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Friday night we played some pathfinder, fighting the shadows mostly.

Having spotted what looked like the bulk of the shadows, the party cast their death wards (leaving out Alex, who'd just hide because she wasn't any good fighting incorporeal undead anyway, and the eidolon who was expendable) and headed into battle. They were a little slow charging into the fight -- their sunrods only held back the shadows momentarily, and they ended up stuck in the hallway, which wasn't a choke point for the shadows because they could walk through walls. And while they were warded against the primary strength-draining effect, the acid from the giant shadow-worms could still hurt several of them, and so could the confusion still spawned by the shadow-gloomwings.

But they had a secret weapon! Two of them in fact. First, Lilia managed to turn her eidolon incorporeal allowing it to fight back against the shadows at full strength. Second, Artican could turn undead *very effectively* and in addition was able to exude an aura of burning radiance to further wither away their attackers. Two of the gloomwings were dusted, along with half the small shadows, and the large shadow-worms were badly hurt. This did draw all aggro to him, however, and he was only warded against strength drain, not acid.

Worse, the shadows had a secret weapon of their own -- the 'lich', back as a shadow wizard! He dispelled Artican's death ward, leaving the canary vulnerable to the horde of shadows swarming around him and Lilia (in whose pocket he was riding).

Ironhoof and the eidolon immediately charged the shadow-wizard to keep him from dispelling anyone else, and Artican cast Sanctuary and then burrowed deeper into Lilia's pockets to hide, while she flailed around with her wand of magic missiles to slowly kill off the big worms (except for one that went after her eidolon) and more importantly, get their attention away from Artican. The sanctuary was completely useless -- all the enemies made their saves. Hiding was a little more effective, but the worms managed spot him well enough to make a total of five attacks on him, three of which got through the concealment. Luckily for him -- since a single hit was guaranteed to be fatal -- all three of them just plain missed.

The shadow wizard cast a couple spells at the horde rushing after him, and his surviving gloomwings swooped back in to try to confuse the assaulting horde, but the druid, his pet, and the eidolon all made all their saves and completely ignored his spells (again) and were able to quickly kill him (again) and then turn back on the gloomwings and the worm that was attacking them. After taking care of those, it was just a matter of Ironhoof, Lilia, and the dragonne -- all of which were warded against shadows and acid -- standing there slowly whittling down a dozen shadows which couldn't hurt them, while the vulnerable members of the party hid or stayed back out of sight.

After the battle, they collected the residue of the destroyed shadows to transport them somewhere more convenient for a pack of insanely deadly shadows to manifest. Since the Hallow spell didn't work without gods, and there was no longer a body for any of the shadows' spirits to be bound into, that was the best they could do. Hopefully the shadows wouldn't re-manifest until they'd disposed of them -- it usually took about a week.

Then the living nightmare that they'd previously seen guarding one level of the armory showed up and invited them down for tea. They declined politely, although Ironhoof agreed to dream about a tea party with her later on. Of course he went and made his saving throw that night when she came to follow up on her offer. How rude!

At any rate, there were probably a few shadows left that they'd need to clean up the next day when they had more death wards and maybe some detect undead spells to better search, but the bulk of the work clearing out the mine was done. The elves were still insane, but they decided that that was someone else's problem and that they'd be washing their hands of this whole area as soon as the rest of the shadows were gone.

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