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...I guess I did it wrong?

I finished New Vegas at level 23. I did every quest I could find that I didn't fail (a lot seemed to fail themselves when I found myself inevitably killing the questgivers) and explored all the areas that showed on my map ever. So where were the other seven levels that supposedly you couldn't help but get by the end of the game?

Obviously I played the game WRONG. I had to dose myself up on mentats and magazines to be able to not kill the NCR general at the end.

It's *really hard* to not kill the NCR. Random factions like the Van Graffs and Crimson Caravan that are tangentially related to them and *very evil* give negative rep. Plus, they like to start shooting you for walking too close to a random door.

In the epilogue crawl at the end, I got a blurb about how I'd 'ignored' the 'vault 19 powder gangers' and let them institute a reign of terror and murder across the desert. Where the fuck was vault 19? It certainly wasn't anywhere on the main quest.

So, uh, yeah. At least I was actually able to finish it, which puts it head and shoulders above most Bethessda games where I lose the plot so hard that I never recover. Missing half the sidequests pales in comparison!
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