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Random *My Littly Pony* Spoilers

"Stop calling me things I don't know the meaning of!"

I am serious Celestia. This is serious business.

Twilight: "I already did my Worf Barrage, so it says here my role for the rest of the episode is 'straight pony'. Is that right princess?"

"Eternal chaos comes with chocolate rain, guys. Chocolate. Rain."

Celestia: "This doesn't make sense! Azuria assured me this vault was impenetrable!"

"But you wouldn't know that, because *I* don't turn ponies to stone!"

"I know where you live!"

And Fluttershy wins every game. At least until the villains cheat.

Well, it wasn't the best thing ever but it was a lot of fun. WTB actual two part episode. Who shows the first two episodes of a season on two different weeks? Really!
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