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Balefire Dreams

So. I had this dream. Where I had a bunch of friends that I always hung out with, possibly lived with, in this apartment in downtown... well, it was supposed to be a big city but I think it was actually downtown Bellevue? And one of them kept going on crazy rampages where we'd just barely stop her from actually hurting people or getting herself in trouble.

Until one night when she went completely batshit insane, got a bunch of shadow powers, turned herself into the moon, and went around devouring things and people, starting with our cat. She kept taunting like she was going to kill us, and we were running from her, but she'd veer off to devour a skyscraper full of innocent people or something instead of actually finishing us off.

Fortunately, one of my friends got this really... disturbing magical power thing that made her face turn into this hellish deathmask and we knew that she'd be able to take out this nightmarish... moon creature. So we used her to threaten crazy girl into calming down and agreeing to stop eating people and to face punishment for her crimes. Specifically, we were going to destroy her with enough balefire to bring all the people she'd just killed back to life.

But of course there was bureaucracy to go through -- all the heads of state of the various lands wanted in on the trial, and my dad (?!) had to bribe some of them from having *all* of us killed (apparently bribery was legal on the moon, and the moon was the primary jursidiction since she'd taken over the moon to fly around eating people with her shadow). They also didn't want to use balefire because it did too much damage to the timeline.

However, when the most intransignant bastard of a prosecutor finally took his turn, he offered us a deal that would leave all of us -- even the crazy girl -- alive. Instead of using balefire, he'd make everything that happened that night *fictional*, which was less damaging because everyone would still have their memories, it'd just be that they'd read about them in a book. But for us it wouldn't be just that night, it'd be all our wacky hijinks for as long as we'd known each other, for consistency and because he was still a vindictive bastard. Still better than the balefire plan, so we agreed.

And found out that all of us were reborn as identical twins with green manes and brown fur and oh yeah did I mention that this whole time everyone was a pony? Because, um, yeah. Anyway, I guess that was sort of a happy ending?
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