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Oh, right, last friday

We played some pathfinder, kind of.

The party noted the gypsy camp but mostly ignored them as they headed straight for the dwarves to ask how the mining was going. The reports were mixed -- the sahaugin were, in fact, producing some coal, but they were doing it by removing the support pillars the dwarves had left in place to keep the mine stable. They refused to go deep into the mine where the actual vein continued because it was 'haunted', and while for the most part things hadn't gone too terribly wrong yet if they didn't stop the mine was going to collapse, and then they'd have to venture into the forest to sink a new starting point at which point they may as well start strip mining in the hopes the elves were too crazy to resist this time.

The party tried to talk to the sahaugin but while they were willing to help and acknowledged the party as their superiors, they were kind of insane and attempts at argument kept going back to discussions about weird, unpronounceable gods-or-whatever. OogleBoogle, Oogafoog, etc. Ironhoof had the idea to recruit some children, young enough not to be completely insane yet, and have the dwarves teach them how to shore up the mine to keep it from collapsing. They found three likely prospects and took them back for training, but communication between the dwarves and sahaugin was difficult because one race was aquatic and the other air-breathing -- the only reason the party had been able to talk to them was the water-breathing spell, and the dwarves still didn't have their clerics back yet.

The gypsies didn't have anything on hand to help, although they talked and talked about the perfect magical items that their race's mastery of elemental magic would let them produce, but which they did not have any of on hand. They tried to sell the party other things, including books and candles for opening elemental portals. "How would that help?"

So while the dwarves muddled through with greasepaint on boards lowered into the water, the party headed into the mine to find the source of the 'haunting'. What they ran into was a collapsed part of the mine, with an angry dryad hypnotizing sahaugin and trying to have them lift her tree back up into the forest before it died. They figured that Lilia's summoned earth elemental could lift the tree, and they could put wooden supports underneath it to hold it up afterwards -- maybe have the sahaugin kids do it? Alex scouted invisibly topside and saw an elf hiding, watching the half-submerged tree and the pool it had sunk into, and had the dryad go 'convince' him not to interfere. Then they lifted the tree up, put in the supports, and considered that problem dealt with, at least.

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I think that's where we stopped.
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