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Oh, and, weekend ponies

Well, there was a new episode of FIM this week: Lesson Zero, in which we discover Discord was not defeated by the elements of harmony after all, and instead was plotting a new, um, plot, to eradicate Ponyville by turning ponies against each other!

...okay, maybe I'm reading too much into it. But Twilight Sparkle's *explicit plan* was to cause discord so that she could then fix the problem and have something to write about for her weekly status report.

Most of the humor in the piece came from insane facial expressions (which I really thought were a bit much), social awkwardness, and ironic timing. Crazy-Twilight is babbling about how Celestia is going to send her back to Magic Kindergarten if she doesn't turn in her assignment by sunset, and sure enough just after sunset, Celestia appears and drags Twilight off...

It had a few good lines. My favorite were Sweetie Belle's, but the checklist sequence at the beginning was silly too.

So, yeah. Not my favorite episode by a long shot, but probably better than Owl's Well that Ends Well which is still my least favorite ever. x.x
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