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Salted Strawberries

Friday, Pathfinder. The party decided to investigate the third dwarven ruin, and found it infested by strawberries. UNDEAD strawberries.

...there's not a whole lot else to the session, but let's break it down.

In the morning, after healing Blip and getting all the information about the forest temple, the party decided to travel without delay in the opposite direction to explore the last abandoned dwarven hold to see if it was suitable for opening a portal to the plane of ice. What they knew about it was that it used to be a brewery where the formerly mountain-dwelling dwarves made special beer that required growing some of the ingredients outside the caves, in the sunlight.

Approaching it over land, they saw the hold in the side of a cliff, surrounded by terraced farmland, all of which had been lost to the salt desert. The normal path in came from the mountains along the side of the cliff, and aside from not really being accessible from their direction, was ruined and collapsed. So they'd have to climb up the terraces (which wasn't hard; they'd never been intended as a barrier) and cut across the fields.

While doing that, they were attacked by undead plants burrowing up through the ground. Really weak, pathetic undead plants. Ironhoof recognized them as having once been strawberries, and remembered that strawberries weren't individual plants, really -- they were connected by runners underground, so all of them were really one... big...


Most of the party ran out of the area before the giant undead strawberry patch surfaced, but its viny tentacles lashed out, confusing the eidolon and Lilia and failing to confuse Ironhoof who was immune to poison. Alex took up a sniping position on the next terrace up, and Whisper climbed up to guard her instead of doing anything useful, while Ironhoof waded into melee, taking the form of a fire elemental to encourage the plant not to grapple and devour him while his dragonne hovered overhead. And got itself confused, snapping and biting at its own flesh.

Fearing for Lilia's life, Artican created a cloud of mist to hide her -- the plant shambled into the mist after its prey and bumped into the eidolon, lashing out and killing it, then bit at the fire elemental and managed to set itself on fire. In a moment of clarity, Lilia ran up to the next terrace, while Alex sniped and horribly damaged the plant. Enraged, it chased after her... only to go down under Artican's flame strike, the fire elemental's fiery fists, and its own ongoing burning before it could reach the people waiting up above.

Searching the charred remains, they found a functional but discharged staff of weather and a decanter of endless water. Then, they moved on to the hold itself, not seeing any more movement from the fields.

The door was locked in a strange way, requiring a unicorn horn to be inserted into the 'keyhole' to open it -- which didn't slow down Alex much. That sort of thing was easy to fake! She triggered the lock and opened the door, and was blasted with a salt-devil of the sort they'd seen and avoided while crossing the fields. She retreated until it moved away, but when she went back to look inside, BOOM, another one! That time, however, she saw the dwarven mummies inside seemingly causing the salt tornadoes to form. So she *snuck* back and waited for them to get close, planning to backstab them as soon as they stepped outside.

Instead, they pulled the door shut.

So, yelling though the door, they negotiated. She talked them into ceasing their immediate hostility, but the mummies didn't like the idea of opening a portal to the plane of ice and being used as a cold-immune workforce -- weren't the elemental planes full of dangerous creatures? She eventually convinced them to let living dwarves enter and open the plane of ice in an isolated section of their hold, on terms that they'd negotiate later with the dwarves themselves.

Artican, as a cleric opposed to the undead, thought this was a really, really horribly bad idea. "Do you really think they'll let the dwarves who enter their hold leave again?" Most of the party just seemed amused by the idea, though.

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