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Fearsome BICLOPS

Friday night we played some pathfinder. Mostly just a combat.

As they were leaving the dwarven hold, Ironhoof had second thoughts about the deal with the mummies. "Aren't they just going to kill the dwarves we bring to talk to them and make them into more mummies?"

Artican: "YES! That's what I've been trying to say!"
Alex: "Well, fine. If you want to just go kill them all, let's go kill them all."

They didn't want to walk in through the front door, though, so they searched around for a 'back' entrance. While they were doing that, they were suddenly attacked by boulders being hurled from the top of a cliff. There, staring down at them, were the fearsome paired eyes of a BICLOPS. That is, an ettin with each head being a cyclops head.

Some of the party took cover under a handy ledge, while others (Ironhoof as an air elemental, Artican, and his dragonne) started flying up to engage. Alex used the edge of the ledge as cover to hide, then leaned out just far enough to fire sneak-attack arrows at the top of the cliff. This was pretty effective, and the giants' attacks were not even though there were soon three of them, but then Ironhoof got into melee range and got completely sliced to ribbons by the biclopses, who were much better in melee.

He also saw the boss, hanging back from the edge, fishing down a well. Once one of his underlings went down, the boss decided it was a actual fight and got up to wade in himself -- only to be entangled and delayed by Lilia's summoned Erinyes. By the time he got to actually hit anyone, his entire retinue was gone, Ironhoof had been fully healed by Artican, and Whisper and Alex were on their way to the top of the cliff to join in.

He took down Ironhoof and Artican in short order, going completely ginzu on them. The dragonne enraged and grappled him, but that didn't stop him from attacking with his swords, and he would have quickly taken the dragonne down too if Whisper and Alex hadn't finally arrived and finished him off.

Alex was able to revive Artican to heal everyone, and they started going through the biclops camp looking for treasure. They found a LOT of treasure, mostly dwarven work -- apparently, the boss had been fishing down an air vent into the dwarven vaults, using an enslaved mummy as a 'hook'.

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