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Cutie... ugh...

Okay, this episode of MLP was painfully bad. Not the whole thing, just the parts after Zecora showed up. So, the last 2/3rds.

In a mad attempt to make it not quite as painfully boring, my super rationalization sense will come up with a story that will at *least* make it all make sense.

Zecora cursed her. She's an EVIL ENCHANTRESS. Or well, possibly a good but grumpy enchantress. I mean, seriously, she wanders into town having NO IDEA what's been happening to Applebloom, and just happens to have a magic cure that can only work if Applebloom confesses her crime? That's not a cure for a disease, that's how you break a freaking curse.

That still leaves the episode having a serious overemphasis on random visual gags though.
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