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Salt Mummy Brewery

Friday. Pathfinder.

After defeating the biclops, the party pulled up the mummy their leader had been 'fishing' with, planning to execute him or talk to him or something, but as he surfaced they felt the moisture being drawn from their bodies, and dropped him down the shaft. Then pulled him up again and killed him, which dispersed the aura but also reduced him to a pile of salt, making it inconvenient to relocate him for his inevitable respawn in a week or so. Still, they did their best, scooping the bulk of his salt into a packet.

Then they went down the well, which turned out to be the outlet vent for a rusted-apart brewery. There were no mummies in the room when Alex scouted, so they all came down to explore. There was nothing salvageable in the room, but there was the obvious entrance door and a secret door which was open.

The secret door led to the vault/safe room in which the skeletons of several dead dwarves clattered to life, only to be shattered again -- apparently, it hadn't been all that safe. It did have peepholes letting them look at the rest of the hold, although they didn't know where the holes were looking and the labels were vague -- 'west checkpoint', 'main hall', etc. Each hole had either a lever or a button under it. Alex pulled the levers for the two checkpoints -- tiny 5' by 5' rooms with a door on two sides -- but nothing seemed to happen.

Since there was no other obvious exit from the saferoom, they headed to the other door from the brewery and found -- one of the checkpoints. Which, when Alex checked, was trapped. She disabled the trap, and went up to the opposite door to listen for monsters. She didn't hear anything, but she felt a slightly familiar dessicating sting, so they were all ready for monsters when she flung the door open.

They might not have been ready to face three overlapping mummy auras, though. The mummies' claws were also no picnic, but it was the aura that did the most damage to them as Alex and Ironhoof smashed them to bits and set them on fire. Fire did seem to be particularly effective, which was fortunate since several of the party had fire-enchanted melee attacks. Lilia finished the enemies off with a summoned air elemental, which *did* kill them (or at least, hold them helpless until Ironhoof killed them) but scattered their salt all over the place -- they weren't going to be able to relocate these ones.

Exploring a little farther just found a dead end -- a rockfall blocking the corridor -- so they decided to search for secret doors before giving up and going through the front door. And, after five minutes of searching, they found one! In the safe room, directly across from the secret door they'd entered it through.

It led to a symmetrical room opposite the brewery, which was full of supplies and mummies. Six mummies made for even more overlapping aura 'fun', but Artican was able to keep everyone on their feet until the mummies were finally dealt with. During the fight, they heard the surprised scream of a mummy from the south door that (assuming symmetry) led to the other checkpoint -- apparently they'd armed the pit traps and the mummies' reinforcements had just fallen into one of them.

Still, six mummies had been a hard fight, mostly because of the dessication aura but it didn't help that Whisper with her flurry of attacks was all but useless against them because of their damage resistance. And there were at least two dozen mummies left in the central area (from their peephole peeping). If they had to fight them all at once, it could be bad.

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