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In today's episode, Rainbow Dash learns that it isn't how well you perform, it's who you know and what contacts you make that get you your job. Nothing stops the schmooze!

I mean, seriously, the turtle is completely unsuited for the job (as described) but Fluttershy forces Rainbow to give him a chance, and then he fails every test but gets the bid anyway because he does a personal favor for his boss.

...oh, and there's also something about how (surprise surprise) Rainbow Dash is more impressed with loyalty than awesomeness. If you want a family-friendly aesop.

The bat should have won, though. She (he?) was totally the cutest. Not the cutest pet in the competition, the cutest thing. Period.

"Cutesy? Wootsey? Have you even met me?" Okay okay, good point Rainbow.

The episode also had a song, which didn't have the awesome catchiness of something like 'Cupcakes' or 'Winter Wrap Up' but was still pretty decent. It sort of reminded me of 'I'll Never Tell' from BTVS.

NOT a great episode for amazing one-liners (not a HUGE surprise since most of the characters couldn't talk), but I thought it was pretty neat anyway.
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