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I totally forgot to write a summary of last friday's game. Er, right. It wasn't that much stuff really, mostly just the end of the salt mummy brewery dungeon crawl.

Not wanting to fight dozens of mummies at once -- because of their water-draining aura -- Lilia started summoning magma elementals to swim through the walls and create pools of lava to incinerate the mummies seen through the peepholes without exposing the party to a counterattack. This worked, somewhat -- the mummies were able to kill the elementals quickly, but not before many of them were burned. It was hard to tell how well it was working because of the smoke that quickly filled the room where most of the combat was happening, but she tried it several times before the mummies came up with a response.

There was a loud crash as a table was thrown over the pit the party had activated in the checkpoint, and the door flung open to reveal the room and another hallway beyond completely filled with mummies, wall to wall, clawing desperately for the party's blood.

Artican decided it was time for a flamestrike, Lila summoned another flock of magma elementals to attack from the walls, and Ironhoof (after realizing that while getting the mummies wet would turn off their aura, it would also remove their vulnerability to fire) turned into a fire elemental -- naturally immune to water drain -- and blocked the doorway. Alex went back to the saferoom and started pulling levers and pushing buttons.

The first button collapsed part of the hallway, trapping most of the mummies in with the party. The second opened another pit, dropping most of the remaining mummies (quite a few had already been killed) down out of sight. Lilia had her surviving elementals drop their magma spit into the pit to eventually finish the trapped mummies off, and then the party headed for the main entrance, since Alex had seen five surviving mummies (trapped on the wrong side of the rockfall) abandon the hold and run out into the salt flats to escape, and they wanted to track them down. No survivors! Er, or whatever you call undead who don't get destroyed.

It wasn't hard. Artican's other flame strike killed three of them, and Ironhoof and Alex each chased down one of the remaining two after they tried to scatter.

The party spent a few hours sweeping the mummy dust into the pits and sealing them up, to keep the mummies from causing trouble if/when they came back to unlife, and pronounced the hold safe to use for a portal.

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