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On today's episode of My Little Pony, we learn that Fluttershy is not a vet, that Twilight's filing system is not only COMPLETELY INSANE but changes on a regular basis, that gravity in Equestria changes strength and direction based on plot convenience, and that Twilight Sparkle has been mistreating and abusing Spike through the entire show for his own good. Oh, and Rainbow Dash should totally be a member of the Wonderbolts.

"I usually only get one present. From Twilight. A book."

While the moral was slammed into your brain with a giant sledgehammer wielded in the massive clawed fist of Spikezilla, it was a fun episode. Also, they gave the moral (relatively) subtly first before taking it on a town-destroying rampage.

"Pinkie, stop giving him cake!"

The moral, of course, is that you should never feed a friend's addiction, even if it's for something that seems harmless, because they can't stop themselves and they'll go completely out of control.

I actually expected not to like this episode from the synopsis, but it was good. n.n
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