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We did play Pathfinder the last couple Fridays, I've just been seriously slacking on writing summaries of them. Also, preparing them and running them.

The party turned the mine's troubles over to the dwarves, and made all speed for Rally, to pick up the druid's armor. Nothing powerful enough to trouble them bothered them while they flew across the mountains.

But once there, they discovered that, once again, Rally's situation had deteriorated. The entire population was camped out in a sort of refugee camp outside the walls, including the enchanter who'd been working on Ironhoof's armor. Who did not have his armor with him, since he'd fled his workshop when the air elementals providing fresh air to the block had gotten uppity and started attacking people.

So Ironhoof decided to turn into an earth elemental and glide through the ground to retrieve the armor and tools so that the enchanter could finish his work. Unfortunately, Rally was somewhat defended against that sort of assault, with metallic screens buried underground to prevent earth elementals from just gliding in and doing whatever they wanted. Although the network had been built 200 years ago and was kind of deteriorating -- what remained was more of a maze than a barrier, really. Eventually, taking a circuitous route, he was able to make it to the basement of one of the buildings in the clear block, at which point he turned into a sparrow to sneak into the enchanter's workshop.

It wasn't *guarded* per se, but there was an air elemental in the room, along with some arrowhawks outside on the windowsill -- this was pretty typical of the whole area. Since as a mouse he couldn't really carry much, he searched around for an empty room to change into something bigger.

The room wasn't empty. The first spell he cast was resist lightning, though, and that was enough to protect him from the arrowhawks long enough to peck them to death. They were very surprised at their demise at the beak of a songbird!

After that, he turned into an air elemental and bluffed his way into taking the armor and sneaking back out of the area, despite not speaking a world of Auran. Very persuasive grunts!

On the way out of the city he was ambushed by a pack of wraiths, but a death ward raised his saving throw against their attack high enough for him to make it almost automatically, and he was able to kill one without taking any real damage, which was enough to convince the others to give up.

Mission success!

Meanwhile, the rest of the party was waiting around by the unexceptional stretch of wall where he'd entered the city, when they were suddenly attacked out of the blue by a pack of ninjas, screaming 'VENGEANCE!' They didn't know what the vengeance was for, and didn't really care.

The ninjas' initial attacks were quite dangerous, nearly taking out whisper, but after that they'd pretty much shot their wad, and the party was able to cut them to pieces without any losses. Most of them ran at low health, but three were killed and looted unceremoniously by the party, who didn't even bother to chase down the runners.

Then, once Ironhoof returned, they went shopping.

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