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So, the last couple weeks the Friday game's been making characters because I basically got sick of running Pathfinder. We're still playing Pathfinder mostly, but with custom races and in one case a custom class made by Keith, who's GMing.

Last Friday we actually got to play.

The characters we have are:
Sin, an avoreal (bird-man) dynamic sorceror. (Chris')
Kijji, an avoreal alchemist (grenadier). (mine)
*mumble* KIET, a, um, dog-person fighter (two-hand warrior). (Murdock)
*er...* JADE, a half-elf ranger. (Matt)

There's also a half-orc cleric SHIRISH that the GM wants us to take with us as a GMNPC.

[...I wrote the names down so that I'd remember them, but I still haven't remembered to upload the character sheet to skydrive where I can get at it. Go me.]

At any rate, the drama started when Sin, the fighter and the ranger ran across a woman being raped by goblins. They attacked, and the fighter managed to basically instakill all three, chopping one completely in half. The woman thanked them and ran home, but when they returned to the village to report, the town elders and mayor were all horrified at what they'd done -- sure, they'd saved one girl from being raped and probably murdered or enslaved, but now the whole goblin army would be after them for reprisal! They'd burn down the town!

Kijji -- a rich brat who'd 'borrowed' around a thousand gold of his parents' money, spent it on 'adventuring' supplies, and ran off to find glory -- overheard this and thought that fighting the goblins sounded like a lot of fun. The other three, being responsible for the mess (in the mayor's opinion), were drafted, and the four of them set out to find the goblin menace and pre-emptively counterattack.

Unfortunately, they found the goblins easily enough -- a small army of them, heading for the village. Twenty goblins -- too many for them to fight! So they hurried back and reported the danger, and suggested the townsfolk form a militia of everyone from the village who could fight.

Unfortunately, they'd already *done* that, and it was the party. There was one cleric who hadn't gone on the scouting mission who thought she might be useful in a fight, though. So she and the fighter stayed by the most likely bottleneck the goblins would have to come through to burn down the town -- a bridge over a river that formed one edge of the village -- while the two fast fliers headed into the forest to set up a series of hit and run attacks to whittle down the enemy forces as best they could.

As best they could turned out to be pretty good -- after three ambushes, they'd completely annihilated the goblin force. All ten of them. The other ten had circled wide around and were busy burning down the village.

The fighter and cleric heard the screams and saw the fire, and ran to respond. The barreled into the rear of the goblin fire-archers, cutting them down handily, then waded into the looters and pillagers and took them out too. That left only the goblin boss, a massive hobgoblin who was much, much harder to fight.

But with a little luck, and a lot of healing, the fighter managed to take him down just as Kijji and Sin (who'd realized that they weren't fighting the whole force, but hadn't wanted to let their particular victims get away) raced onto the scene.

There was no reward for letting half the town get burned down, but at least they didn't get lynched. They also got a new mission -- to go find the leige lord of the area and warn him about the goblin attacks, so that a proper army detachment could be sent to secure the town.

It was a long journey from the frontier to the capital, though...

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