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She's not good with children...

Actually, she's pretty good with children. Pinkie Pie was the Cakes' last choice as a baby-sitter, but that's only because they are OUT OF THEIR MINDS. You asked Twilight Sparkle before Pinkie Pie? Have you *seen* Twilight when she gets frustrated?

You asked Rainbow Dash? Really? REALLY?

But everyone makes a bullshit excuse so Pinkie Pie gets the job and does a really good job actually. Except that she never actually remembers to put diapers back on the babies after taking off the dirty ones and then getting distracted. The consequences of this are not shown in the episode (thank god) but are undoubtedly horrifying.

Aside from being another episode with very little interaction between characters, this one was really good. Pinkie Pie is always funny, even when she's freaking out, and the babies aren't *quite* immune to her charm, saving her from a total breakdown. n.n
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