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Well, okay, to be fair, if I had to drive more than a couple miles to work I probably would have stayed at home, since the roads are pretty awful. And, certainly, if there was heavy traffic and the roads were that awful, there would have been crashes and abandoned cars and no hope of getting anywhere. That happened a few years ago. It was bad.

But now everyone's so spooked that I'm one of (according to the secretary) SIX people who showed up to work in my three-story building that probably has a hundred people working on each floor. This is insane. There are probably a higher percentage of employees than that living within walking distance.

(on the other hand, if I hadn't wanted to check in something I finished up yesterday I might have taken the day off because it was an excuse to, and there are people 'working from home', which I mostly don't do because I seriously doubt my ability to actually perform the 'working' step of that, and also don't do because I was too lazy to ever get it set up)

It's amazing how nice work is when no one else is here. It's QUIET. I can THINK. And all my meetings are cancelled! Or done as phone meetings which is fine because I can read news or something while pretending to listen to people talk, instead of just staring off into space daydreaming like I normally do.

I just hope I don't end up having to walk home after getting my car stuck in a snow drift or something, on the way home. It's a really long walk, and while the roads are bad the sidewalks are TERRIBLE.
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