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Mako -- you --

Tarro Blood: "Let me out! I can't die like this!"
Kijji: "I should shoot you down where you stand."
Mako: "Yeah, you deserve to die like a dog."
Tarro: "Ha ha, the cell is ray shielded, you have to let me out if you want to kill me."
Kijji: "Okay, fine." *opens cell*
Tarro: "Now just let me get my gear and we'll settle this with a proper duel."
Kijji: *guns him down like a dog*
Mako: -30 affection

... what the hell, Mako?

She also got -30 affection for executing the fscking jedi padawan who kept healing her master after being defeated and going untargetable. I had to pull him out of the room and into an adjoining hallway because of that [b|gl]itch.
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