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It's basically a hostess fruit pie. No one can resist!

But aside from that, today's episode of my little pony was... nice. It had some really good scenes -- the cherry factory scene they previewed, the surprise party (I loved the mailman), and the chase scene -- and some AWFUL ones like DERPY UGH.


We also learned what happens when you break a Pinkie-Pie Swear. Pinkie Pie HUNTS YOU DOWN. And makes you APOLOGIZE.

AJ: "Fine. But no talking about Ponyville."
TS: "So.... how was Canterlot?"
AJ: "..."
TS: "It's a totally different town!"

AJ: "I'll pay you double to outrun them!"
TS: "We'll pay you triple to slow down!"

Aanyway, I liked the episode but it's not one of my favorites. The ending was So. Sappy.
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