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Such a thing as Bad Publicity

Today in My Little Pony, we learn that while an automated production line can be more efficient, it's also more expensive to expand capacity on demand.

Also, don't make stupid bets. Really.

Oh, and Applejack is just as capable of being a drama queen as Rarity, and as prone to insane leaps of logic as Twilight. "We lose the cider business" -> "We don't make as much money as we're used to" -> "We won't have anything to tide us over during the winter" -> "We'll lose the farm" -> "We'd better go pack up our things right now and move to Manehattan" or where ever they were planning on going. Maybe Dodge Junction?

Also, sticks and leaves make bad cider.

I didn't really like the episode that much, I think because I really hated the Flim Flam brothers, and not in the good way that you should hate an antagonist. It was more meta-hate? Rainbow Dash was funny, though. And the last scene when the FFB were getting their entirely predictable comeuppance.
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