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The road goes ever on...

Friday night we played some Pathfinder, Keith's campaign continuing onwards with much... random encounterage.

Okay, not that much.

Their first encounter was to spot an army of gnolls fighting an army of wemics -- lion-centaur things. They played with the idea of helping the wemics, since the gnolls were cannibalistic bastards and the wemics were merely isolationists, but it looked like the wemics were winning anyway and my GOD there were a lot of gnolls.

A few days later, they managed to take care of a pair of very stupid hyenas that thought their horses looked tasty. One got a single bite of Shirish' horse before both were filleted by Keit's blade.

Their path took them past the town they'd let the goblins burn down, which had not been further bothered yet. They reported their success getting the message to the King, and were rewarded with... nothing. Not even a thank you. The surviving townsfolk were still feeling a bit burned by the party's failure to protect them.

Then it was over the mountains! Fortunately, they had Jade's wilderness skills to guide them, because neither of their fliers had any idea how to pick out a path for ground-bound folks to ride. Near the far edge, they stumbled across a pack of hobgoblins, who lived long enough for Ishtar, Kijji, and Sin to show off against before Keit killed them all. Kijji even got a kill, thanks to Shirish accidentally healing a downed enemy back up to a sliver of health that his firebomb could then re-remove.

At the edge of the wasteland, they stopped to tell ghost stories about the powerful evil wizard who'd been so terrifying that an ancient hero had given his life -- and created the desert -- to destroy him with a humongous explosion. Hopefully, their current adversary was not the same evil wizard.

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