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Maze of Twisty Passages Little

Last night we played some Pathfinder in Keith's game. He used a random dungeon generator because we're still in the prologue so he didn't want to waste time writing up a real dungeon. It was... um... it was there.

And Kijji has a new catchphrase that I totally didn't steal from Draconia Chronicles. "I'm too awesome to die!"

The party had a few weeks' rations, and a cleric to create infinite drinking water, so they set out across the lifeless desert, and soon arrived at the Black Pyramid. There was only one entrance, which didn't seem to be locked or guarded, so they gingerly headed inside. The corridors were tiny, 5-foot wide things dimly lit by magic, so they had to string themselves out in single file, with Kiet in front and Ishtar on rear guard.

The interior was a maze of twisty passages that opened into huge, empty rooms seemingly at random, or occasionally just ran into dead ends for no apparent reason. Every so often, one of the rooms would have a single undead -- a skeleton, a zombie, in one case a *pair* of ghouls. They found a bit of treasure, and some weird tapestries and claw marks and crap like that.

They also found a lot of locked doors for which their only recourse was Kiet's crowbar. They didn't find many traps, thankfully.

Finally, the gods of random mazes took pity on them and arbitrarily decided that their destination was the next room they came across [Keith: "You guys were never going to find it on your own -- you kept exploring the north end and it was all the way to the south!" Me: "We were trying to go south, but all the corridors kept twisting around to the north!" Keith: "There was a way!"]. In it was... a single skeleton.

But this skeleton was MEAN. Kijji tossed a bomb to light him on fire, but that meant flying out in front of everyone else, making him the prime target since the ceilings were too low to fly out of reach. Luckily, the skeleton missed him. "I told you I'm too awesome to die!"

Well, it missed him the first time. The second time, it nearly killed him. But not quite! And then Kiet got a critical hit and finished it off.

In the next room, they found the princess, guarded by a horde of cat people.

Kijji: "We come in peace!" *whisper* "Set phasers to kill!"
Princess: "So you're not with the wizard, then?"
Kijji: "Um... no. We're here to rescue you."
Princess: "I'm not leaving without them." *motioning to the cats*

They examined their supplies, and decided that with quarter rations, they could reach the mountains where maybe they'd be able to hunt or something. Starvation took a long time to kill you anyway, right? At any rate, they weren't going to stay there!

The princess explained that while she was a powerful wizard, she was helpless without her spell component pouch, so she couldn't teleport home or anything, even if she was willing to abandon her cats.

Kijji: "Um... does anyone remember the way out?"

Nope. Kiet was able to back-track the party by scent, at least. But before they reached the entrance, the evil wizard showed up behind them, giving chase!

Kijji: "So..., does he have a spell component pouch?"
Keith: "Yes?"
Kijji: "Because I have a potion of true strike."

The wizard might have had defenses against damage to his person (or maybe not, since he was busy chasing the party instead of casting spells), but none of them helped against a true-striking arrow to the belt. The princess retrieved the falling pouch with a mage hand cantrip, and was suddenly back in the fight.

Princess: "I'll hold him off!"
Kijji: "What? No! You're the whole reason we're here. Shirish can hold him off."
Princess: *Wall of Force*
Falcon: "Wouldn't it have made more sense to put that between you and the enemy instead of between you and the people trying to rescue you?"
Sin: "We already know he can teleport. Someone has to keep him busy."

That's what you get for giving bratty princesses back their spells. SIGH. At any rate, they weren't going to be able to get through the wall of force to help her, so they ran away into the desert to find somewhere to hide, before maybe coming back to rescue her AGAIN the next day.

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