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Schedule FAIL

Also, logic fail. iTunes derped and released 'Hearts and Hooves Day' almost a week early, several days before it comes out on television. Yeah, okay, that happens. Someone put it up on YouTube. Yes, that happens too.

...and now you've got people saying that they're going to be true fans and wait until Saturday to watch it on YouTube.

Noooo, I'm pretty sure you'll still be watching an unauthorized copy, even if you wait 'till Saturday. Not that there's really a lot of honor or whatever the fuck you're even trying to imply is at stake here at stake, but really! I'm pretty sure 'not paying for it' comes before 'seeing it early'.

(not really) Spoilers: The cure for love is... MARRIAGE! Also, the return of Daring Do's mane, and proof that Scootaloo is in fact a pegasus.
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